Superhero Survivor Series: Round Two

    • Superhero Survivor Series: Round Two

      We’re bored of wrestling so we came up with a new feature to let us go on about superheroes and comics instead. Welcome to Superhero Survivor Series!

      Each of our panel members was tasked with drafting their dream team of superheroes for a classic 5-on-5 Survivor Series match.

      Making their picks in the following order will be:

      You can see the introduction and rules here. The picks so far are:

      Round One: Arrow, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Guy Gardner (Red Lantern)Animal Man.

      Let the second round begin!

      Superhero Survivor Series: Round Two

      Brad’s pick: MASTER CHIEF


      While not exactly who you may think of when you think of superhero, I can assure you that Master Chief has what it takes to make my team the winning team. He brings the ranged combat skills of Arrow with a huge arsenal of pistols, assault rifles, plasma pistols, rifles and grenades of both plasma and explosive variety.

      Master Chief can jump high, sprint and make use of jet packs, making him very agile. Master Chief is mentally tough and physically tough with regenerating shields. He is a jack of trades and will serve as the leader of the team.

      Joey’s pick: SUPERMAN


      The only one who dare poses a threat to my leader The Incredible Hulk is Superman. The fact that he’s still on the board means I can now have the two strongest superheroes. I’m really forming a dream team here. *pats self on back*

      Not to mention, Superman is kind of a pushover goodie two shoes so he’ll work well with anyone on the team and not butt heads. Easy to form some chemistry as he’s always willing to do what’s right. I don’t particularly like Superman nor does anyone else but that’s because he always wins. To quote a great mind Jay-Z aka HOV, my team will not lose ever.

      Tim’s pick: NIGHTCRAWLER


      Here is the speed and agility of my team. His name is Nightcrawler and if you didn’t know, he’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool. He looks like a demon but worry not, he is just a teleporting Catholic mutant who was once an acrobat in the circus.

      Kurt Wagner also has some leadership practice under his belt as he was the leader of Excalibur for a bit so he is also my team’s second-in-command in the unlikely case something happens to Captain America. His half-brother goes by Kiwi Black so he gets some extra points for being related to someone with an awesome name. I think he’s a great pick for my team and won’t have any trouble unless someone else has Bastion’s arm as a draft pick.

      Nightife’s pick: VENOM (FLASH THOMPSON)


      Specifically the current Venom, Flash Thompson. In addition to all the cool symbiote powers and guns that he has, Flash is just a great story. High school bully, matures and stops being an asshole, gets his legs blown off in THE WAR which cannot be named due to sliding timescale reasons, and finally the #1 Spider-Man fan (sorry Joey) lives his dream of being a superhero.

      Flash Thompson is one of my favorite characters in all of comics, and what kind of wrestling-related thing would this be without the blatant playing of personal favorites?



      You know what’s better than a Superman? A Super WIZARD. Not to be confused with Cody Rhodes’ current gimmick, Stardust the Super Wizard is incredible.

      He only appeared in 16 issues from 1939 to 1941 but in that short time, he established himself as the BADDEST DUDE ON THE BLOCK. Check out how Stardust deals with the villainous De Structo and his racket of goons:




      So, just to clarify, here’s how Stardust dealt with this situation:

      • Transforms De Structo into just a giant head.
      • Throws De Structo’s head into a ‘space pocket’ (?) where the ‘hugest giant in the galaxy’ the Headless Headhunter lives (???).
      • Ignores De Structo’s pleas for mercy as the Headhunter absorbs De Structo’s head into his giant body.
      • Converts all of De Structo’s goons into one person.
      • Throws the converted goon person into space with a revolving speed-ray.

       AND ALL OF THAT HAPPENS OVER THE COURSE OF FOUR PAGES. Stardust is insane and, as far as I can tell, completely limitless in his abilities. He’s like Superman if Superman wasn’t a PG punk with some wimpy code of ethics.

      – If you want to hurl abuse at our draft pickers, you can find them on Twitter at @BradFGN, @JoeySplashwater, @TimWelcomed, @AnimeKing420 and @TomBlargh. Please don’t though, they’re trying their best. Check back Friday for the 3rd round!


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