Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Hold on to your Dixie Carter Collectible Action Figure, It’s time to name your Sexy Wrestler of The Week! Oh yeah!

      Last week we let you, the loyal Sexy Wrestler of The Week readers, go straight to the polls to determine our new Sexy Wrestler of The Week. There was no bias. No politics being played. Just you and your true feelings. I think the results speak for themselves:

      5th Place: Dolph Ziggler


      He and the 4th place contestant actually tied, holding 12% of the votes each. I flipped a coin to see who would be in 4th place. Better luck next time, Dolph!

      4th Place: Gail Kim


      Like I stated above, she came away with 12% of the votes as well, but with a coin toss (and a little bit of hope) she won the 4th place spot. Still nowhere near the top spot, however. Maybe one day, Gail!

      3rd Place: Dean Ambrose


      Dean Ambrose grabs the bronze-laden 3rd Place with 14% of the votes. That’s 2% more than the 4th and 5th place contestants. 2%, I said. He’s practically a type of milk. Milk is great for your bones but it’s definitely not sexy, ya’ turkey. Hey, at least he tried. Try again, “Mean” Dean!

      2nd Place: AJ Lee


      With 23% of the votes, AJ Lee grabs 2nd place. The truth is that she was tied with the winner for most of the week until two days ago when his votes sky-rocketed leaving her in the dust. Fans knew she just wasn’t ready, brother. See you around, AJ!

      1st Place: Adam Cole

      With a whopping 39% of the votes, your democratically elected Sexy Wrestler of The Week is, without a doubt, “The King of Sexy” (AKA “The Duke of Deliciousness”), Adam Cole! You all have voted for him week after week and you still can not have enough of him. You made the right decision, If I may say so. All hail the king!


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