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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Life is Hell. Let’s name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week and make it a little better.

      Another week of me wondering why you all vote for the people you do. Another week of me realizing there are a whole lot of people who find a certain wrestler sexy and that maybe I am the odd one.

      Going to go ahead and lay this out here. These are your votes added up. This is on you.

      The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is The Corporate Demon Kane. As I thought this was strange I decided to search the internet to see if this was a thing people really feel about this man. I had a feeling I was being trolled again but I WAS WRONG. Kane being sexy to many people is very much a thing. The first thing I found was this magnificent Youtube video. From the content to the description to the comments we now all know that people very much think Kane is sexy.

      Let me be clear. It’s not just a Youtube video that helps prove this point. People make sensual Kane backgrounds for your computer screens if that is what you need. People love Kane and his looks. That is actually pretty cool. Everyone deserves to be sexy. I will go as far as to say everyone IS sexy. Yes, even you… but mostly me.