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Sexy Wrestler of the Week

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Save up your Popsicle sticks and mail them in for a Smart Phone. It’s time for Sexy Wrestler of the Week!

This week, the usual vote counter was invited to the “Sexy Convention” panel with Fabio, Lisa Turtle and a plate of mashed potatoes. I’m filling in and this is not as easy a task as I expected. Much like Hulk Hogan, I only speak and read English.

Votes such as “பிரின்ஸ் Devitt கவர்ச்சியாக ஆகிறது” and “Положите ребенка во мне, Адам. ADAM Cole Bay Bay!” were thrown out. With those “vas is das, brother” votes leg dropped, we apparently have a FIRST TIME Sexy Wrestler of the Week winner.

50% Norv Fernum.

50% Peter Avalon.

100% SEXY.

They don’t call him “Pretty Peter” for nothin’. As anyone who studied the art of Sexy in trade school will tell you, the only way to tell if your sexy stands the test of time is to try it out in a turkey suit. Norv clearly succeed with an A++++-.

Peter Avalon/Norv Fernum, your Sexy Wrestler of the Week.