Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Let’s drink an Old Fashioned and name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

      Okay, people. It is that time again. The votes have been counted and the winner has been chosen. Like any dignified journalist I strive to have new information to give you every week and have it be interesting. Yeah, naming The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is big enough to stand on its own. After all, it is the biggest award in professional wrestling today. This week is no different. As soon as I found out who the winner was I began digging up dirt and contacting my sources from various industries. What I have found this week will have you saying “WOWZERS!”

      First off: BOOM! There it is. The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is none other than “The Devils Favorite Businessman,” Kane. He’s (somehow) no stranger to this prestigious award so I had to dig harder to find out some never-before-known info and I found quite the hidden gem.

      Kane was originally supposed to play a supporting character in the fourth season of the now completed TV show Mad Men. His character (Hank Hinkle) was abruptly edited out in post-production from the first three episodes and was told to never return as it “just wasn’t working out.” When asked about this, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said “he was just really boring. Our writing couldn’t even begin to save him plus his stature and sex appeal really took away from Don Draper.” Kane has kept this failure very close to the chest but today we celebrate him.


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