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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Week

      Let’s knock this out and name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

      Ah, here we are again. What a wonderful time to exist! I’ve been hard at work counting the votes and this week we have a real BIG winner.

      I spent this week recapping past winners and I’ve noticed that lately you all are showing your wide range of love. We’ve had all sorts of winners and this week you continue to show tall people the love.

      The Big Show is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week! He may be nothing but an annoyance but we sure do love to look at him. Those big hands and great taste in wrestling attire. Camo is timeless! Wars are happening all of the time. People are always needing to hide. It’s just life and The Big Show gets that. He’s a real strong man with a precious face. He’s also very multidimensional.

      He’s been very sensual since an early age. Look at that jacket! Look at that stance! He probably received a plethora of eyes looking at him this night but with style like that he’s probably really used to it.

      He wears his emotions on his sleeves and that’s endearing. This man isn’t afraid to shed his tears at the drop of a hat. He has strong feelings about everything and will show you exactly how much things mean to him. Admirable.

      He’s a real jokester. Look at him going out and being the life of the party and even a little, dare I say, dirty. Everyone loves a goofball and Big Show will bring that trait with him every where.

      That’s it for this week but please dwell on how much The Big Show means to you for the rest of the week. He deserves it. He really does.