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      Welcome. This is where we name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Enjoy.

      So this week I decided to change things up a bit. Participants in the voting process are people who read this site. I wanted an outside view.

      “Who would people who aren’t aware of this wonderful website, that features a democratically elected award for the sexiest wrestler every week, vote for if they had a chance?” With that question an idea was born. I took to the Twitter search and entered “Sexy Wrestler.” The results were extremely underwhelming. Most were Filth Men tweeting out putrid creep-addled vibes of desperation. “I dare not count these as votes,” I thought to myself.

      You see, I represent The Sexy Wrestler of The Week Voting Committee. If I don’t make a stand then who will, damn it?! These types will not taint this awards ethical prestige. I believe beloved 90’s (ironic “Remember The 90’s” wink so you know I’m fly as hell) character Garrett “Humbug” Himble from ABC’s hit comedy series Four Mates In One House said it best: “The leader, mingling with vulgar host, is in the common mass of matter lost.”

      When it all came down to it there was only one tweet I could possibly count as a vote but… I can’t say I support the winner this week. Alas, I stand by my experiment. Without further wait, here is the one tweet I could use as a vote without a guilty conscience and this week’s winner…


      There you have it. Samuel “Sam” Shaw is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Don’t worry about your votes from this week. They’ll be added in to next week’s votes. Your voices will not be ignored due to my curiosity anymore. 


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