Sexy Wrestler of The Month: July 2013

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    • Sexy Wrestler of The Month: July 2013

      The people have spoken! Our Sexy Wrestler of The Month is, yet again, Adam Cole!

      We were somewhat shocked when we received so much feedback from readers about Sexy Wrestler of The Month and even more shocked at how many thought Adam Cole should continue his reign… but then again, it is hard to pass up someone with his level of sexiness.

      We received messages such as:

      “Make Adam Cole win July!”
      “Adam Cole 4 Life!”
      “Adam Cole makes my life so hot.”
      “Adam Cole would be my pick.”

      …and that is only four of the hundreds of comments we received on the matter! We even had a few people try bribing us with vegan treats and gallons of hummus.

      We did have one message that was anti-Cole but they didn’t even say who they thought should win this month. All they said was “more like A Dumb Coal.” I personally thought that was a very strange tactic and, as you can tell, their propaganda did not hinder us from listening to the people. So congrats to all of you and a round of applause for “Mr. July” Adam Cole!


      ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting next week Sexy Wrestler of The Month will cease and Sexy Wrestler of The Week will begin! Who do you want to see be the first Sexy Wrestler of The Week? Let us know on our Twitter account, @WrestlingEarth or via e-mail at You can also DM some of our goons, @TimWelcomed, @TypicalROHFan, or @tomblackett.

      Remember, it doesn’t HAVE to be Adam Cole!