Seven Things: 7 Worst Big Show Survivor Series Memories

    • Seven Things: 7 Worst Big Show Survivor Series Memories

      Welcome to Seven Things, a list that will run weekly and consist of very eclectic topics. These are of my opinions and doesn’t express the views of others on WrestlingOnEarth.

      With the current main event for Survivor Series 2013 being Big Show as the top baby face looking to bring down Randy Orton and the Triple H regime, it sparked my interest in looking up Big Show’s Survivor Series history.

      Similar to overtaking the position Daniel Bryan was hoped to have hold into Wrestlemania season, Big Show has a past of being put into big matches, especially at Survivor Series and most end up being disappointing or questionable moments. These are my top 7 Worst Big Show Survivor Series Memories.

      7. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker (Survivor Series 2009)

      This match actually wasn’t bad. Big Show and Chris Jericho were the tag champs and they received a title match in triple threat form vs. The Undertaker. The story was interesting and the match was solid but Big Show being involved blocked the dream match of Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker.

      The singles match between those two never happened until that month twice, a few weeks before this event and the week after. Unfortunately both were on Smackdown episodes and it would have been way cooler to see Jericho vs. ‘Taker one on one at a big PPV. I must mention again, the match wasn’t bad. I had to fill out one more spot on the list and this won out (or loss depending on how you look at it) over a pointless Sheamus match at Survivor Series 2012.

      6. Team Big Show vs. Team John Cena (Survivor Series 2006)

      Big Show led his team of random heels (Test, MVP, Finlay and Umaga) vs. Cena’s equally random baby face team (Kane, Bobby Lashley, Sabu and RVD) to a loss as he has a history of doing in matches vs. John Cena. I recall Fall 2006 being among my least favorite time frames in WWE’s existence.

      The horrible Cyber Sunday PPV before this featured a Cena vs. Show vs. Booker T main event that provided me with wrestling depression. This PPV was not much better. Big Show was the ECW Champion (lol) and ended up as the last person eliminated on his team by survivors Cena and the next big superstar (lol again) Bobby Lashley.

      The top layer of mundane in a wrestling climate signifies this moment. I will say this time frame made me delve into Ring of Honor and independent wrestling as a whole so I guess I should be indirectly thanking the World’s Largest Extremist?

      5. Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown (Survivor Series 2005)

      Less of a bad personal memory, this one is pure kayfabe. In a big Survivor Series elimination match putting the two split brands against each other, RAW recruited Big Show and Kane to give them the advantage over Smackdown.

      Who were the first two eliminations on the team? Big Show and Kane. Rey Mysterio pinned Big Show after a seated senton of all moves. Really, Big Show? You couldn’t kick out of that?

      This match also made the Smackdown brand and program look stronger than their usual portrayal by WWE booking. I just can’t stand for that. GOOD JOB, BIG SHOW AND KANE. GOOD GOD DAMN JOB.

      4. Big Show vs. Mark Henry (Survivor Series 2011)

      This match was quite rotten despite Mark Henry having a fantastic year of work that year. But then again, many streaks are ended when forced to face Big Show at MSG as you’ll see later on. The show was in New York city via MSG and they hated the match. After many “Sexual Chocolate” and “D’Lo Brown” chants, the match ended with a DQ finish which led to many boos.

      The crowd then started to resoundingly chant “Daniel Bryan” in hopes he would cash in his Money In The Bank title shot. Bryan would go on to cash in a PPV later and have a very successful career in WWE so it wasn’t a big missed opportunity in the grand scheme of things but it should have been a much more memorable moment.

      The world’s most famous and WWE’s richest historical arena, one of the cities Bryan is more beloved in and the moment of his music hitting after a full few minutes of the crowd pleading for him to cash in would have placed his cash in higher up with those of Edge, CM Punk and even Dolph Ziggler’s. Rinsing the memory of that Mark Henry/Show match would have been a positive as well.

      3. Team WWF vs. The Alliance (Survivor Series 2001)

      Big Show didn’t play a large role in this match but that perfectly sums up his first few years in WWE. In what had probably the biggest kayfabe implications in wrestling history, Vince McMahon took himself out of the match and named Big Show his replacement. It was sold as a big moment in Big Show’s career. During the match, Jim Ross even commented that Show had the potential to be the biggest star on the roster or the biggest bust.

      Yet during the match, the first person eliminated was? That’s right. The Big Show. Even before Shane McMahon, Show was taken out and relegated back to mid-card duty. This was more so worse for him than my viewing pleasure as I get a laugh watching it today.

      2. Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 2002)

      2002. Back to MSG. Brock Lesnar came to WWE and was an absolute beast. With the most impressive winning streak post Bill Goldberg, Lesnar went into Survivor Series 2002 as WWE Champion having never been pinned. Someone pinning Brock for the first time had to be a big time moment leading to something great, right? So who would WWE choose?

      Yes. The Big Show. Yikes. A 5 minute match of Paul Heyman turning on Lesnar giving Show the win and the title. Surely this means WWE would give Big Show the ball to run with and expect him to become Andre this time? Nope. WWE fell out of love with him again and had him drop the belt to Kurt Angle less than a month later. Big Show would be sent further down the card again as WWE would build around a Lesnar vs. Angle feud for Wrestlemania 19. Thank God.

      This moment is quite underrated in terms of the worst decisions made in wrestling. I can’t see any logic behind it and nothing good came directly from it.

      1. The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Big Show (Survivor Series 1999)

      As seen so far in this list, WWE has a history of randomly giving Big Show title reigns and title matches when they realize they didn’t believe in anyone else on the roster being able to be in the main event picture at that specific time. When exactly did this start?
      Survivor Series 1999.

      The top two wrestling stars in the 90’s and possibly ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were in the main event along with Triple H. Hunter was starting to hit his peak during his best years in WWF and was the top heel at the time so this was a highly anticipated match. I distinctly remember being beyond excited to see this. It was like the Super Bowl for my 10 year old heart. Then Big Show happened.

      Stone Cold was going to take time off to recover from a couple of serious injuries so they ran an angle where someone runs over Austin with a car in a hit and run (which is another list in itself) and they needed a wrestler to replace him. Fresh off a win vs. 4 jobbers, Big Show was chosen and won the title.

      We went into the night hoping to see a classic Austin vs. Rock vs. HHH title match and how does it end? With Big Show celebrating as champ. Big Show’s epic title reign that followed featured a pay off to his legendary horrendous feud with Big Boss Man and losing it less than two months later back to Triple H.

      With Survivor Series approaching and Big Show being in yet another title match on this event, don’t get excited. Regardless, it will end in some form of depression.

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