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ScoopZone Elite: September 29, 2014

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News for The Week of September 29, 2014


  • Roman Reigns keeps seeing flowers and ‘get well soon’ cards arrive at the hospital that he thinks are for him, but they’re all for Daniel Bryan instead.


  • WWE officials have been really high on The Miz as Damien Sandow’s stunt double.


  • The Total Divas storyline of Tyson Kidd forgetting Natalya‘s birthday was derived from a real backstage scenario involving Billy Kidman.


  • TNA may or may not be done running shows until 2015.


  • TNA may or may not have a TV deal in 2015.


  • TNA may or may not exist in 2015.

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  • The former Brodus Clay has reportedly lost his will to dance and listens to Careless Whisper on repeat constantly.


  • Lance Storm LOVES the pizza cake.


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