ScoopZone Elite: November 25, 2013

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    • ScoopZone Elite: November 25, 2013

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      News for The Week of November 25, 2013


      • WWE management were disappointed with the lack of Survivor Series related Twitter trends last night. Sources say Twitter trend hits Sunday Night Football and The American Music Awards sparked the most jealousy and insecurity Triple H has shown since The Rock and Steve Austin were in WWE.


      • Rosa Mendes showed a new hairstyle of blonde hair last night. The fan reaction was split in that 50% thought that was Kelly Kelly returning and the other 50% thought it was Maryse.


      • Big E. Langston’s theme has been remixed to be more of a “face” theme. When asked what makes a song fit a good guy better Jim Johnston said “It has to be considerably worse than the previous version.”


      • The recently sent home Eric Bischoff will have his contract officially end in a few months. We can confirm Dixie Carter will be the only one genuinely surprised that day when Eric publicly buries everyone and everything in TNA.


      • With IMPACT returning to Orlando and the annual traditions of the Thanksgiving turkey costume and Feast or Fired being brought back, TNA has decided it is best to move forward from “The Hogan Era” by continuing its 2009 programs.


      • Kurt Angle currently thinks he is a permanent member of One Direction after a misunderstanding during his time spent with the group at 1D Day.


      • Current plans for ROH Final Battle has Outlaw Inc blinding the referee with a water pistol and hitting reDRagon with Whack-A-Mole gavels to win the ROH Tag Team Championship.


      • The Young Bucks plan on dropping their Superkick gimmick and going with the better idea of doing a lot Pedigrees.