ScoopZone Elite: March 3, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: March 3, 2014

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      News for The Week of March 3, 2014


      • To combat future disruptive fan chants at RAW and PPVs, WWE is going to dub in sound of Ryback singing karaoke.


      • The ghost emoji had it’s lawyer issue a cease and desist letter to Dolph Ziggler for using his likeness in tweets. The ghost emoji said “I’d rather die again than be associated with those atrocities.”


      • Zack Ryder has concocted a plan to stand behind the Chicago audience so that when they turn their backs on the ring he’ll be what they are looking at.



      • The Great Muta is going to spit green mist in the eyes of everyone in attendance during the Gunner vs. James Storm Lockdown match so there are no negative reviews.


      • Kurt Angle was recently seen telling anyone who would listen that he is going back to WWE in September when his TNA contract ends, all while doing moonsaults in excitement.


      • Willow, who had previously been living in a hollowed-out tree, was forced to move into an abandoned haunted house when his tree-mates kicked him out after his umbrella accidentally sprung open which then knocked over his opened cans of paint, flooding the tree.


      • Jimmy Jacobs plans to start a new heel faction soon.


      • Stacy Keibler had to call the cops on Matt Hardy after he showed up at her house looking for his brother Jeff.


      • Lance Storm only eats the ends of Oreos and throws away the center.

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