ScoopZone Elite: March 15, 2016

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    • ScoopZone Elite: March 15, 2016

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      News for the Week of March 15, 2016


      • Triple H has continuously pitched the idea of having Roman Reigns publicly endorse Donald Trump as a way to show fans that Reigns has love for WWE Hall of Famers.


      • Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin will be in a segment together at WrestleMania 31. While not confirmed the rumor going around is that they will be participating in a camouflage fashion show during Flo Rida’s musical performance.


      • There is some heat between Florida Georgia Line and Flo Rida because Florida Georgia Line was under the impression they would be performing their song for an unprecedented fourth time at a WWE event. The belief is that Flo Rida politicked his way to another WrestleMania but the band stated that all would be forgiven if they could come together and perform as Flo Rida Georgia Line. Flo Rida has yet to respond.


      • Bull Dempsey keeps forgetting to remove his return address from the “fan letters” he sends to the WWE Performance all requesting he returns.


      • Alex Riley has been tweeting about his friendship with Biff Busick as a new game plan to sabotage the careers of independent wrestling darlings in NXT.


      • Bayley has pitched turning heel and using her slap bracelets as weapons in the ring.


      • PWG has secured an exclusive distribution deal with Blockbuster video.


      • Josh Mathews forgot he was signed into the TNA YouTube account when he subscribed to Lucha Underground’s channel and an anime themed ASMR channel.


      • Lance Storm doesn’t expect Shane McMahon to jump off the cell at Wrestlemania.