Scoopzone Elite: June 29, 2015

    • Scoopzone Elite: June 29, 2015

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      News for The Week of June 29, 2015


      • Baron Corbin has a massive candle collection.


      • Dean Ambrose is planning on stealing the belt from Kane‘s pants every week to keep up with his character’s motivation.


      • Chris Jericho is pitching a program with Finn Bálor where he is branded the new Kiss Demon.



      • Dixie Carter is demanding all Twitter haters come to Universal Studios and say it to Ron and Don Harris‘ faces.


      • Eric Young is GFW’s mole inside TNA and is trying to hide it by being extremely defensive of TNA.


      • Jeff Jarrett is trying to convince Dixie Carter to start the GFW vs. TNA invasion by letting Scott Steiner on air with a live mic.


      • PWS is starting a fan funding page to sign Dolph Ziggler.


      • D-Von Dudley has been trying to get Jeff Jarrett to sign his sons to GFW.


      • Lance Storm always loved Marty Jannetty and Jim Neidhart more than Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

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