ScoopZone Elite: June 16, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: June 16, 2014

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      News for The Week of June 16, 2014


      • The WWE locker room’s morale is said to be at an all-time high with The Miz away.


      • Eva Marie asked Natalya if Kevin Hart was a member of the Hart wrestling family.


      • There are talks of Sheamus dying his hair teal.


      • TNA is looking to hire an extra “z” for Crazzy Steve.


      • Matt and Jeff Hardy will reunite at the NYC Impact TV tapings as “Cold Blooded Matt and Warm Blooded Willow.”


      • In a continuation of a forgotten angle, TNA plans to have a drunk Brother Runt return at the Team 3D HOF induction and vomit on their plaques.


      • Global Force Wrestling will continue on even if no one seems to be interested.



      • CM Punk was in discussions to join CHIKARA but talks ended due to Mike Quackenbush demanding he give up his name and wear a mask at all times.



      • Lance Storm twisted his ankle running to an ice cream truck in hopes of ordering “an ice cream cone without the ice cream.”

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