ScoopZone Elite: July 28, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: July 28, 2014

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      News for The Week of July 28, 2014


      • WWE creative is playing with the idea of turning Daniel Bryan‘s home burglary into a storyline. The idea would be that Triple H and Stephanie sent the burglars to Bryan’s home to steal all of Brie‘s gold jewelry so Triple H could melt it down to make a new mask and crown for his entrance at Wrestlemania 31.


      • Sin Cara debuted his new entrance gear, a vest with a hood, at a live event this past weekend. We can neither confirm or deny that a certain champion from a Japanese promotion was working under the mask at this time.


      • The false reports of WWE stopping Cesaro‘s popular Giant Swing move was just a rib on Jim Ross.


      • Dave Lagana is frantically emailing David Schwimmer about working on a new project together.


      • Taz and Vince Russo are NOT friends anymore and they do NOT want to talk about it.


      • For some reason all of our usual inside sources from TNA wouldn’t tell us anything of importance this week but it should be noted that they kept asking if we knew anyone that was hiring


      • ROH Booker Hunter Johnston has told many people on the ROH roster that he doesn’t want them to contact ROH officials and that anything that needs to be addressed should go directly through him. Many are upset because he is hard to reach and they have no one to talk to. When asked about this subject various ROH roster members say “he’s delirious” and other really lame jokes that are similar to that.


      • Jeff Jarrett is pleased as punch right now.


      • Jim Ross’ constant podcast whining about indie wrestling has actually been guerrilla marketing for his new book of business tips titled ‘Slow Down and Sell More’.


      • Lance Storm eats hot dogs in hamburger buns and eats hamburgers in hot dog buns.


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