ScoopZone Elite: July 26, 2016

    • ScoopZone Elite: July 26, 2016

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      News for The Week of July 26, 2016


      • JBL is suspected of being a mole for Stephanie McMahon. Earlier today Mauro Ranallo followed cowboy boot prints to a trash can where he found his precious notebook full of pop culture references that had been missing all afternoon.


      • WWE is considering the first brand trade of Raw sending The Shining Stars and James Elsworth to Smackdown for John Cena, Daniel Bryan and the giant fist from the 2002 set.


      • WWE is waiting for Roman Reigns to drop down to 205 lbs before officially starting the new cruiserweight division.


      • The drafting of the Smackdown roster was done to imitate the upcoming hit movie Suicide Squad.


      • Shane McMahon is demanding all Smackdown talent wrestle in Air Jordan sneakers at all times.


      • In order to make the WWE World Heavyweight Championship sound more important than the WWE Universal Championship, Daniel Bryan will be renaming it the WWE Multiversal Championship.


      • Triple H has offered an exclusive NXT contract to Sonny Boy.


      • Dixie Carter has been begging Matt Hardy to get her one of those “flying cameras.”


      • Lance Storm enjoys wearing crocs, peeing in the wind and making eye contact while eating bananas.

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