ScoopZone Elite: July 14, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: July 14, 2014

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      News for The Week of July 14, 2014


      • Seth Rollins is going to paint exactly half of his Money In The Bank briefcase black.


      • WWE is looking to bring back Corporate Kane as a way to highlight the new Road To The White House mode in WWE 2K15 where you will role play as Kane’s campaign manager.


      • There are talks of starting a “Freaky Friday” tag team gimmick where Big Show wears a fruit roll-up mask and Kane dresses like Andre The Giant.


      • Despite the former Drew McIntyre stating he will be back in WWE one day, Drew Galloway will be on a soon-to-be announced TNA PPV special called One Night Only: Entertainment Superstars Unleashed.


      • The first of the Impacts taped in NYC that you were excited for but have since completely forgotten about will air this Thursday.


      • Taryn Terrell vs. Terrence & Terrell is currently planned for Bound For Glory.


      • If you’re a shady person and/or a seedy business, advertising space is available on


      • Shannon Moore has announced that he has pretty much retired from pro wrestling. Instead, he will now focus on raising awareness of the social injustices people with tattoos have to endure.


      • Lance Storm burned a LeBron James jersey because he strongly dislikes the concept of capitalizing two letters in one first name.

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