ScoopZone Elite: January 28, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: January 28, 2014

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      News for The Week of January 28, 2014


      • WWE are toying around with the idea of a NCC (No Chanting Clause) that comes with the purchase of a ticket to any of their events. Chanting will have you immediately kicked out from the arena where Vince McMahon will be waiting for you to kiss his ass.


      • With DirecTV and various cable companies angry at the launch of The WWE Network, WWE purposely made sure fans would hate the Royal Rumble out of spite so the PPV providers would get numerous complaint calls.


      • KENTA was recently at the WWE Performance Center for a tryout. Word is he’ll get signed to a developmental deal and have a great match with Natalya on NXT.


      • Dixie Carter has been trying to get her husband, Serg, to write a song that will hypnotize the mystery investor into selling his share back to her. Serg accidentally created a song that puts people to sleep instead and has been snoring on his studio floor for the past week.


      • TNA has recently attempted to trademark the name “Martel Vaclava Peters.” No word yet on who this person could be.


      • IMPACT returns to the United Kingdom this week. With him no longer part of the active roster, we can confirm the annual tradition of Garrett Bischoff getting booed out of the building will unfortunately come to an end.


      • Dana White said something about WWE or something.


      • Adam Cole is attractive.


      • Lance Storm steals condiments and utensils from restaurants.

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