ScoopZone Elite: January 26, 2015

    • ScoopZone Elite: January 26, 2015

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      News for The Week of January 26, 2015


      • Bray Wyatt gave Rusev a bag full of inspirational movies that helped him get through his post-Wrestlemania slump after losing to John Cena last year.


      • Dolph Ziggler has been told he will never be allowed back on stage at a certain popular New York comedy club because most of his jokes end with him holding up signs that have various emojis printed on them.


      • Multiple snowmen outside WWE headquarters were spotted booing Roman Reigns tonight.


      • TNA management is extremely jealous about all the bad press and negative media attention WWE is getting today.


      • Dixie Carter has added Bully Ray to the list of talent WWE has stolen away from TNA. Kurt Angle has been written on it and then immediately erased at least twelve times.


      • Al Snow is excited about wrestling Grado on TNA TV because he thinks it will get him more Twitter followers to read the jokes he steals off popsicle sticks.


      • Velvet Sky’s time away from TNA will be spent the same as it was when she was with the company: Posing for pictures with the most creepy male fans.


      • Vince Russo is trying to find a way to sensationalize the Royal Rumble debacle and make it about him.


      • Lance Storm is personally sending $9.99 to WWE for every person who cancels their WWE Network subscription.

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