ScoopZone Elite: February 9, 2015

    • ScoopZone Elite: February 9, 2015

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      News for The Week of February 9, 2015


      • Triple H has been working with a goldsmith for his Wrestlemania entrance attire. This year he plans on riding a golden mechanical dragon to the ring.


      • Reading Dolph Ziggler‘s tweets caused WWE to immediately pull the plug on plans of a Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania match.


      • Bubba Ray continues to show up to WWE events thinking he is signed to a long term deal but no one has the heart to tell him otherwise.


      • To make the stakes even higher TNA is looking to hold the 2016 Lockdown event in an actual jail.


      • Dixie Carter can’t choose between TNA doing a tacky publicity stunt referencing Kanye West or Iggy Azalea right now.


      • Don West looks up TNA’s information once per month and laughs while lighting a cigar.


      • CHIKARA celebrated National Amateur Camera Operator Day by putting masks on their most popular Instagram followers and letting them record the show.


      • Jim Ross sent Josh Mathews a package of his sauces as a way to make-up for their argument online. Mathews poured them all out fearing that they were past their expiration date.


      • Lance Storm keeps a calculator on him at all times because he doesn’t trust cashiers.


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