ScoopZone Elite: December 8, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: December 8, 2014

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      News for The Week of December 8, 2014


      • Vince McMahon was so impressed with Grumpy Cat’s performance a few weeks back that he has offered the cat a contract to be the next GM of Raw.


      • Jack Swagger continues write himself into Raw scripts with a black crayon without anyone noticing.


      • Adam Rose has requested to be sent back to NXT as soon as possible.
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      CM Punk

      • CM Punk can’t figure out what hair style he wants to sport for his first UFC fight. He’s currently leaning towards “the almost bald one.”


      • CM Punk is considering fighting The Green Power Ranger in his first MMA fight because “it’s a step up from feuding with Curtis Axel and Ryback.”


      • Colt Cabana is hiring Nate Glass to take down a Chicago hospital for putting the name “Phil Brooks” on CM Punk‘s birth certificate.


      • Jim Ross has no idea who his commentary partner will be for Wrestle Kingdom but he intends to ask them why ROH wrestlers don’t slow down or fix the dang lights.


      • Despite popular belief, AIW and AAW are completely different promotions. We swear.


      • Lance Storm sleeps with a night light.

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