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ScoopZone Elite: December 16, 2013

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 News for The Week of December 16, 2013


  • The WWE Network is close to being announced. With a subscription fee of $35.00 a month, WWE will mail you three classic pay-per-views of their choosing on VHS every two months.


  • Kane’s hairline is a satirical jab at left-wing media.


  • Ryback has publicly stated he hopes to get into acting. To get future jobs, he will be adding the role of Goldberg on his resume.



  • Chavo Guerrero is slated to be fired on IMPACT this week with the Feast Or Fired reveals. In shocking news, Chavo Guerrero has been on the IMPACT roster for the last year.


  • TNA has taped episodes of IMPACT going all the way into August 2014.

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  • It has been revealed that Amerigo Vespucci had already found ROH centuries ago.


  • Eddie Kingston was caught using gay slurs to insult fans at this weekend’s ROH show after getting booed out of the building. To get out of trouble with management, Kingston claimed this was all just part of a big CHIKARA angle.


  • Lance Storm once pitched the idea of being the male wrestling version of “Storm” from X-Men. It was denied and Lance vowed never to smile again. 



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