ScoopZone Elite: August 25, 2014

    • ScoopZone Elite: August 25, 2014

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      News for The Week of August 25, 2014


      • Hulk Hogan is still training for one final match. Last week numerous reports came in that he was spotted jogging along a beach in Florida chanting “I still got it” and simulating fake crowd noise by cupping his mouth and making a “caaaaahhh” sound.


      • The loser of the Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas feud will literally be buried in a doghouse.


      • Vince McMahon is down on Adam Rose because he thought he was doing a “really bad Willy Wonka impression.” Creative was extremely baffled by this but ultimately decided it would be best to agree with him.


      • TNA has received an offer from Velocity to air Impact Wrestling. We can confirm that if TNA accepts the deal it will be a shot at Jeff Jarrett and his failed All Wheels Wrestling pilot.


      • The Bro Mans are going to social media to find new dates*. (*Calendar dates to wrestle on because TNA only runs 3 shows per month.)


      • We weren’t able to get full confirmation so take this as just a rumor for now but Vince Russo may still be working for TNA. If true, TNA management is now treating it as a “double secret” with a lot of mandated pinky promises involved.



      • Michael Elgin wants to be celebrated as the first wrestler to hold a vertical suplex longer than he can fan support.


      • Semi-Famous Person made a generic wrestling reference.


      • Lance Storm accidentally emailed us that he is working as a secret consultant for Chikara.

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