ScoopZone Elite: April 6, 2015

    • ScoopZone Elite: April 6, 2015

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      News for The Week of April 6, 2015


      • While it looks like Kane wrestles in dress pants, we can confirm they are pants made from stretchy-but-stylish space-age polymers invented by the Hell division of NASA specifically for The Devil’s Favorite Demon.


      • Dean Ambrose recently stated Alex Riley‘s tweets are popular at most of the house shows. (Because the boys read them in the locker room for laughs.)


      • Randy Orton feels like adding elbow pads didn’t freshen up his character as much as he wanted. He is now looking to add leather tassels or studded suspenders to his ring attire.

      Wrestling Podcasts

      • Chris Jericho is preparing hard hitting questions for his live interview with John Cena on the WWE Network tonight such as “Why are you so great?”, “Is Vince McMahon handsome or what?”, and “Metallica, am I right?”


      • There weren’t enough attention-seeking racist, sexist and homophobic voices in the wrestling community so Chael Sonnen has decided to start breaking down pro wrestling on his podcast.


      • Taz has been working tirelessly to get Kel Mitchell on his podcast to question him on his love for orange soda because he believes there is no way anyone loves anything orange more than himself.



      • Michael Elgin has been studying tape of Maria Kanellis and Amber O’Neal in hopes of finding a new route into NJPW.


      • Knowing things can’t go smoothly forever, Lucha Underground are keeping their secret weapon, Jack Evans off of TV until the promotion needs a boost.


      • After the NWO vs. DX showdown at Wrestlemania, Lance Storm is pitching for a Misfits In Action vs. Team Canada moment at Summerslam.



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