ScoopZone Elite: April 22, 2015

    • ScoopZone Elite: April 22, 2015

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      News for The Week of April 22, 2015


      • Amy Schumer falling to the floor when seeing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the Red Carpet was a shot at ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler‘s over the top theatrical selling when wrestling.


      • John Cena has reportedly gotten so cocky about getting Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa back together that he’s planning on moving on to a more high-profile case for an upcoming reality show. John Cena’s “Basic Love-a-nomics” debuts on VH1 in 2016 and will follow him as he tries to finally get Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together.


      • The Big Show made a lot of fans feel really guilty about their “please retire” chants after Monday’s Raw when the helpful and generous big man was waiting outside asking “who was it that needed a tire?”


      • Triple H wanted Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and whoever else you like to star in upcoming WWE feature films but Kevin Dunn convinced Vince McMahon to give The Miz all those roles.


      • There are big plans to push Cesaro in light of his recent high-caliber match quality. Or Dolph Ziggler. Or Tyson Kidd. Or Neville. Plans subject to change.


      • The plan for Wrestlemania 32 is to sell out AT&T Stadium.


      • TNA is advertising a Knockouts special edition of Impact but it will just feature the greatest moments from alums Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson and King Mo.


      • Taz has fired four different managers in the last year for suggesting he let them handle his social media accounts.


      • Lance Storm purposely litters and pollutes the ocean to spite the concept of Earth Day.


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