ScoopZone Elite: April 11, 2016

    • ScoopZone Elite: April 11, 2016

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      News for The Week of April 11, 2016


      • The Big Show and Kane have a bet going on which one of them will be in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match next as it is that time of the year.


      • The Miz is losing sleep due to the stress of trying to reprogram his instincts to no longer refer to female WWE employees as divas.


      • Shane McMahon’s son was caught trying to buy weed from Snoop Dogg backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. No one would’ve noticed if it wasn’t for him trying to start a “this is bullshit” chant when Snoop turned him down.


      • WWE is considering hiring the majority of the Lucha Underground wrestlers for the Global Cruiserweight Series and putting them all under Sin Cara masks to avoid lawsuits for breach of contract.


      • Bobby Roode is determined to be the former tag team partner of James Storm that actually makes it in WWE.


      • Austin Aries wants it to be known that he doesn’t give a damn what you bottom-feeder morons think unless you type, say or think about his name in a slightly critical light.


      • Congrats to CM Punk on landing the role playing himself on The Walking Dead.


      • TNA is having to stack all of the boxes of unsold Dixie Carter action figures to create separate rooms for their new offices in their merchandise warehouse.


      • Lance Storm was the one that reported MVP‘s podcast spoilers to Lucha Underground officials.

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