ROH Death Before Dishonor XI Preview

    • ROH Death Before Dishonor XI Preview

      ROH crowns a NEW World Champ in Philly this weekend. Who will it be?

      Let’s run down the card.

      Adam Cole vs. Tomasso Ciampa:

      I can see this being a “Match of the Year contender” very easily. Adam Cole is obviously stellar and is becoming a fixture in the upper echelon of ROH. Tomasso Ciampa has looked excellent since his return to ROH and it would be hard to dispute this is the biggest match of his career.

      This match made the show so appealing to me when I was considering making the trip to Philly that unfortunately fell through. I really expect a special match here and I hope whoever wins is the person to become ROH Champ.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: Adam Cole advances.

      Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen:

      Much like the other semi-finals match, this should deliver. Michael Elgin has great matches every show and Kevin Steen is the biggest star in ROH at the moment. It’s hard for that to not deliver.

      Unlike the other match where I can see the very slight chance of a Ciampa upset, I don’t think there’s any way Elgin doesn’t advance. We’ll break down the finals later.

      Interest Level: 8/10
      Prediction: Michael Elgin advances.

      Silas Young vs. Jay Lethal:

      At the last ROH NYC show I attended, the highlight was seeing the place explode for Silas Young’s finisher. Young has been very impressive over the Summer and I’m glad to see this match booked. Jay Lethal is a perennial favorite of mine and it’s refreshing to see him face a new opponent.

      Despite both being heels, I think a Silas Young vs. Matt Taven feud could be interesting and I’d love to see Silas get the TV Title. As for this match, it should be a really good one and I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s released.

      Interest Level: 8/10
      Prediction: Jay Lethal wins. (I’ve picked against Silas 3 shows in a row and have been wrong every time. Hope that streak continues.)

      American Wolves vs. Forever Hooligans:

      Should be fine but may I suggest we get TJP to reform Forever Manikans vs. The American Wolves and ROH legend Dan Severn? Be honest. You know you’d rather see that too.

      Interest Level: 5/10
      Prediction: Hooligans retain the IWGP Jr Tag Titles.

      Ricky Marvin vs. Roderick Strong:

      A new ROH opponent for Roderick Strong. Ring of Honor is really Livin’ La Vida Loca!

      Interest Level: 5/10
      Prediction: I try to recite the entire Livin La Vida Loca song lyrics in my head and fail after the chorus.

      Special Interview with BJ Whitmer:

      Hope for the best.

      reDRagon, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, ACH and Tadarius Thomas:

      This should be interesting. As far as I know, no one in this match is feuding. I thought Maria and Mike Bennett vs. Cheeseburgers (With lettuce) was on this show but I guess it’s the next day. My main hope for the match is some Cheeseburger interference.

      Interest Level: 7/10
      Prediction: Cool spots and ACH steals the match.

      Also signed to appear Eddie Kingston and Homicide:

      Ugh. I guess Team CLOWNKARRA is a regular act in ROH now. UGH.

      ROH TITLE MATCH Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole:

      Sadly this show isn’t on iPPV so I will be refreshing my Twitter feed during this match to see who wins. I will be rooting will all my being for Adam Cole to leave the show as the NEW ROH champ.

      Michael Elgin is a great pro wrestler but I just don’t find myself drawn to him nor do I have the personal attachment to root for him. In fact to be quite honest, I often find myself rooting against him and that’s great.

      When I first fell in love with Ring of Honor, it was based off my love for Bryan Danielson and my dislike for Nigel McGuinness at the time. In “kayfabe” mode of course as I was well aware how great Nigel was. It’s just beautiful when you care enough to root for one person and to root against the other.

      As for the match itself, it will be incredible and the atmosphere should be electric. Going into the tournament, I fully expected Michael Elgin to take it but that changed after the opening round match of Adam Cole vs. Mark Briscoe. It was a good match but nothing special from a “ROH work rate” point of view. However, the finish saw Cole give a look at an injured Mark Briscoe before delivering a deathblow of the Jay Driller. His mannerisms before, during and after just sold me on him and I was already among his biggest fans. At that point, I believed Cole would be the next ROH champ and that feeling hasn’t left me. Whether via shady tactics or not, I’m going with Adam Cole winning the ROH Title followed by Jay Briscoe getting the same medicine as Mark when presenting the title to him.

      In summary, Let’s Go Cole! Kick Elgin’s mullet to the top of his head.

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: Adam Cole wins the ROH Championship.

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