PWG All Star Weekend 10: Night 1 Preview and Predictions

    • PWG All Star Weekend 10: Night 1 Preview and Predictions

      Quick preview as this show is happening later tonight as you read this.

      With time getting the best of us and this show approaching out of nowhere (no RKO), @typicalROHfan is here all by his lonesome giving his thoughts going into PWG All Star Weekend 10.

      Adam Cole vs. Chris Hero for the PWG Title

      After seeing Chris Hero have a stellar return match with Johnny Gargano at a live DGUSA show a month ago, I’m excited to see Hero’s matches vs. the new class of indie wrestling standouts. At the top of that list is Adam Cole (baybay). It’s also humorous that the big match ROH is building towards in 2014 is happening in PWG this weekend. I do see a slight chance Hero wins but I’m riding with Sexy Wrestler of the Week champion Adam Cole.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: Adam Cole wins.

      The Young Bucks and Kevin Steen vs. AR Fox, Ricochet and Rich Swann

      My most anticipated match of the night and of the weekend. (Cole vs. Gargano on Night 2 would be a close 2nd.) How can this not be amazing on every level?

      Interest Level: 10/10
      Prediction: Mount Rushmore kills.

      Johnny Gargano vs. Davey Richards

      Possibly the last weekend of Davey Richards time in PWG for the time being and he faces a new, fresh opponent in Johnny Gargano. I’m stoked for this one. I think we will start to see a polarizing crowd for Gargano as he was faced with some boos during his “We love PWG!” speech to end the last PWG show. Hopefully Gargano has another excellent performance to win them over going into his title match the next evening.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: Johnny Gargano wins.

      Best Friends vs. DojoBros


      Interest Level: 6/10
      Prediction: DojoBros win.

      ACH vs. Michael Elgin

      These two had one of the better matches this year on a ROH show during the Summer. I’m anticipating an equal or better rematch as ACH seems to be the next big baby face in PWG. If I had to pick someone to eventually dethrone Adam Cole as PWG champ in 2014, I would probably go with ACH.

      Interest Level: 9/10
      Prediction: ACH wins.

      Candice LaRae and Joey Ryan vs. RockNES Monsters

      Poor Candice LaRae was scheduled to face Adam Cole but plans were derailed once Chris Hero was announced to replace her in his PWG return. I’m digging the team of Joey and Candice; an utterly brilliant use of Joey Ryan in 2013/2014.

      Interest Level: 6/10
      Prediction: Candice and Joey win.

      Tomasso Ciampa vs. Drake Younger

      These two are very similar to me in that they bring an enjoyably intense demeanor to their matches. Didn’t remember this was booked until now in finding the card for this write-up and have become excited about the match-up. I can see this match stealing the show.

      Interest Level: 8/10
      Prediction: Drake Younger wins.

      Anthony Nese vs. Brian Cage

      These two had a match in PWG earlier this year in what I believe was Anthony Nese’s PWG debut. The match was pretty solid but not memorable as Anthony Nese is still waiting for his breakout PWG performance to work his way up on the card. I don’t foresee it happening here but it should be cool.

      Interest Level: 5/10
      Prediction: Brian Cage wins.

      There’s a chance for a Night 2 preview + prediction post so be on the look out for it tomorrow.


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