Money In The Bank 2013 Preview

    • Money In The Bank 2013 Preview

      Hi. My name is Wakefield. Got a box full of your predictions. I’m sorry. That was terrible but I couldn’t resist. I decided to write most of this on a train ride home after seeing Despicable Me 2. I forced myself to finish it despite my animated film buzz wearing off. I’m not sure if this makes it better or worse than my usual writing. I’ll assume better. Enjoy!

      WWE Championship Money in the Bank Match:

      Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler on the planet and it would be a disappointment for me if anyone else wins this match. I can’t see Randy Orton or CM Punk winning under any circumstance. Jack Swagger will have a crowd red hot before Christian (Cage) gets a main event push so Christian’s out. Giving the ball to RVD before seeing how he looks and how he adapts returning back to the WWE atmosphere and rules seems like a bad idea but I think there’s a small chance.

      My fears are Sheamus and Bray Wyatt. Sure, Wyatt would be cool but you can say the same things for him as RVD, without the drug test fears but also without a fan base caring about him yet. Worst case scenario is going with a swerve and giving Sheamus the briefcase. WWE definitely still believes in him, which I understand, and I can easily see him getting the win here and adding the MITB intrigue to his Summer and Fall.

      All these factors in, I’m still rolling with the Bryan prediction. Dude is on fire, is beating everyone on tv and the dream of winning the title shot and cashing in for the Summerslam main event is too dreamy for my heart not to succumb to. Regardless of the outcome, this match should be really fun. Guys the fans all love with ladders. Can’t go wrong with that.

      Prediction: Bryan wins. Wyatt or Big Show replaces Kane.
      Interest Level: 10/10

      Mark Henry vs. John Cena (c) for the WWE Championship:

      With the fake out retirement angle, the match has a nice storyline going. I can’t see Cena losing the strap here. Maybe it’s due to me wanting to believe the Daniel Bryan vs. Cena Summerslam match. I expect a very nice match as it’s likely Henry’s last main event and the peak of the Hall of Pain.

      Prediction: Cena wins.
      Interest Level: 7/10.

      Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship:

      It seems like these guys have had so many matches already. I’m not even sure if they have but it sure feels that way. The dynamic is different now with Del Rio turning back heel and Ziggler becoming a face (RIP terrible #HEEL t-shirts) after the surprising title change last PPV. I enjoy both changes as Del Rio is much better as a heel personality and Ziggler was getting stale doing his bit. I see ADR retaining while Ziggler is demoted to Curtis Axel or Ryback duty.

      Prediction: Del Rio wins
      Interest Level: 6/10

      World Heavyweight Money in the Bank Match:

      The overall thoughts in the social media world is all over for this one. Personally I can’t see anyone but Dean Ambrose getting the win here. The scenery is set. Ambrose will clearly be the most loved of the heels in Philly. He is clearly the only one that WWE has a strong belief in, given the last 9 months or so.

      The yearly “Wade Barrett is winning the MITB/Royal Rumble/MITB again” rumor is strong and it wouldn’t surprise me. I mean people at the shows caring about him winning would but him winning the match not as much. I don’t think anyone else has a chance. Although, WWE loves giving Jack Swagger pushes for no reason that always flops so that would be a fun streak to continue but I’m seeing Ambrose take it here with a huge level of fan support making for a fun vibe.

      The match should be enjoyable. As great as main event faces with ladders are, midcard heels with ladders is also a cute idea.

      Prediction: Ambrose wins.
      Interest Level: 8/10

      Chris Jericho vs. Ryback:

      Ryback stinks and I don’t like him. My curiousity with this one is “Can Jericho carry him to a good match?” My guess is no. You’d assume Ryback wins with Jericho leaving soon to tour but I don’t care enough to think about it.

      Prediction: Chris Jericho wears red skinny jeans at some point on the Fozzy tour.
      Interest Level: 1/10

      Curtis Axel vs. Mike the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship:

      Last show, the IC/US/Euro/Hardcore/TV/Legends/Global title match was fun and Axel looked good. The Chicago crowd getting behind him made it, so hopefully Philly follows suit. Similar to Ryback, I can’t muster any care for Mike the Miz.

      Prediction: Mr. Hughes comma Curtis Axel Rotten Tomatoes retains.
      Interest Level: 3/10

      AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn for the Diva’s Championship:

      Weird time in television wrestling. The WWE Divas having a long term feud with importance on the title match. Gail Kim having more groundbreaking matches and being the best thing in TNA. Female wrestlers main eventing a ROH show…. sorta. This should be cool. Big E Langston being a cutie pie is always a welcomed addition too.

      Prediction: AJ wins.
      Interest Level: 6/10

      Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Seth Rollins (c)  & Roman Reigns (c)  for the Tag Team Championship:

      The Usos are dope. They had a really fun pre show match at Wrestlemania 28 and this is probably their first attempt to do anything noteworthy since then.

      The Shield will obviously retain but it’s cool seeing WWE try to push tag team matches even if perplexing in Tons of Fun and the Usos getting a surprising amount of offense in on The Shield.

      Prediction: Seth Rollins turns face by refusing to wear pants.
      Interest Level: 6/10

      I expect a fun show with ladders and Philly crowd antics at the very least. I also expect lots of laughs and fun on the Twittah Machine so feel free to follow me: @typicalROHfan. I’ll be sure to have my first row seat and RVD themed cake ready! Look out for a PPV review by some guests…


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