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Match of the Week: Mean Street Posse vs. Patterson and Brisco (5/10/1999, RAW)

Many sites have a match of the week but ours is a little different. These matches are the ones that are fun to watch… in the non-traditional way.

This week, we’ve chosen The Mean Street Posse (Rodney and Pete Gas) vs. The Stooges (Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco) in what was the highest rated TV match in wrestling history. Members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett give their (lack of) expertise on the action.

Part 1: Mean Street Posse


In 1999, my interest in wrestling was waning (and if I was watching I was usually tuning into WCW) so I never really got to see the greatness that was known as The Mean Street Posse as it was happening. That being said, I have gone back and become well versed in the legacy of The Mean Street Posse and it changed me as a person and I am now going to Heaven for sure.

I think my favorite Mean Street Posse moment or one that always sticks out is them participating in the Wrestlemania 16 Hardcore Battle Royal mainly because of Pete Gas winning the Hardcore Championship for that moment and screaming with blood dripping down his face. I am not even sure why I find it hilarious but it just is to me.


The Mean Street Posse was one of my favorite gimmicks from the Attitude Era. The names,  the music, the outfits. Joey Abs, Pete Gas and Rodney hold a soft spot in my heart and I’d absolutely love to see them have a return appearance one day.

Imagine them challenging The Shield considering The Shield are basically imitating them with the trio faction of goons for the McMahons. I kid. I once read Pete Gas was attending a WWE show and had my hopes set on him pinning John Morrison as WWE were burying him at the time.

I don’t always agree with the “Bring back da Attitude Era!!!!!!!!!” sentiment but if it means the Posse returns, I am on board!


My main memory of the Mean Street Posse is just COMPLETELY hating them. Rodney especially, I don’t think there’s ever been anyone who’s looked so completely obnoxious as Rodney, from the haircut to the ear piercings and the sweater vest, it was all terrible.

They were the perfect lackeys for Shane though and now, I’m just fascinated by them. There needs to be a Shane-O Mac box set with a disc dedicated to his college years so all his privileged bro misadventures with Rodney and Pete Gas can be shared.

Part 2: The Stooges


Patterson and Brisco had plenty of “Did I just sit through that” moments but if I had to pick anything it would actually be one of the moments leading to that horrendous evening gown match at King of The Ring 2000 and not a moment of them as a team.

Brisco and Patterson were backstage celebrating backstage celebrating Brisco’s Hardcore title win when Patterson poured champagne over his head which led to him getting it in his eyes which then led to Patterson nailing him over the head with the bottle to win the title from him. Slapstick at it’s awful finest.


My main memory of The Stooges were when DX did an imitation of The Corporation and they were portrayed as headless figures kissing “Road Dogg” Vince McMahon’s ass. They were great at playing the stooge gimmick.

Imagine today, Miz and Alex Riley doing the exact same. WWE wants to blur the fans outlook of reality and kayfabe so why not bring the most realistic comparison to light?


When I first saw Patterson and Brisco, I had no idea they used to be wrestlers. Even when they’d mention that they were on commentary, I just couldn’t see it! I’d had no exposure to any wrestling before about Wrestlemania VI, and I couldn’t picture how these two saggy old men with insane accents and seemingly no awareness of how to perform on live TV could have ever been athletes or competitors.

They had such a weird presence though – like, their delivery and the way they moved and the way they did everything was so awful but in just the perfect way. Again, like the Posse were just right for Shane, the Stooges were right for Vince.

My other memories are of the videogames, ha – because they came out to Real American and ripped off Hogan’s poses, they always made creating an authentic Hulkster CAW in Wrestlemania 2000 super easy, so thanks for that, Stooges!

Part 3: The most watched match


It always makes me smile a little that Brisco and Patterson came out to Real American. I love how neither of The Mean Street Posse even think “where’s Patterson” during the first part where he’s outside of the ring being a shady old man.

My favorite part of this match is how Jim Ross still called it like a pro and acted like it was of any real importance.  This match is… uh… something else. Within  two minutes it has made me raise my eyebrows at least five times in “this exists” fashion. Patterson’s Boston Crab is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Patterson and Brisco get the win.


This is apparently the most watched segment in wrestling history. There is a muddy history when it comes to past ratings when down to the segment but from my research, at the absolute worst, it’s the third most watched wrestling match ever.

The match is something alright. Patterson and Brisco take a little bit of a beating before coming back and delivering the pain. It ends with an epic Boston Crab/Figure Four duel submission. Amazing that 60 year old Brisco did a better Figure Four than current day Miz can.

Think about this. More people watched this match live than the number of RAW, Smackdown, IMPACT and Main Event viewers in two weeks of episodes.


YES, JOEY ABS ISN’T INVOLVED. Joey Abs was the worst, you could tell he wasn’t a real Shane-O bro. he never deserved a sweater vest. Patterson and Brisco always look like they’re in such agony when doing anything, possibly because they were. Brisco’s clearly the more mobile of the two, and he really carries this match (or at least drags it’s corpse along a few paces). The reaction Brisco gets during his comeback (while wearing his Brisco Brothers Body Shop t-shirt, of course) is amazing though.

Rodney and Pete Gas are really pretty awful – the way they put the boots to Brisco is just dreadful. Patterson’s application of the Boston Crab might somehow be worse though! If the ratings system is any measure of excellence though, then this match is the pinaccle of modern day wrestling, and who am I to disagree? ***** classic. Pete Gas for the 2014 Hall of Fame!