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Match Of The Week: Fish Market Street Fight

New feature! Many sites have a match of the week but ours is a little different. These matches are the ones that are fun to watch… in the non-traditional way.

Quite frankly, our rational for match selecting is “the weirder, the better” as showcased with our first selection. With it being TNA day, we had to choose a classic TNA match to be our first. Members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett give their (lack of) expertise on the greatness.

Team 3D vs. Shark Boy and Curry Man in a Fish Market Street Fight (Destination X 2008)

Part 1


I like that Shark Boy isn’t a racist but just hopes Curry Man is ready to “whoop some ass.” Then we have Devon being weighed and for some reason he has to yell his catchphrase beforehand. Does he do this at home too? I hope not. Well… actually, I kind of hope he does.

Brother Bully Bubba Ray then Twinkie shames Devon. The Dudley family is Roseanne levels of dysfunctional. The match begins and it’s pretty fun. Don West seemed to really enjoy saying “gingerly.” Curry Man was great. I hope he comes back one day.


Not much to say here. A few things did manage to catch my attention. No way Devon could have passed a wellness test at that time. Daniels is a fantastic dancer. I miss Shark Boy.  I really miss Don West. I don’t miss fat Bully/Bubba Ray.

One time on the ROH Forum, someone gave fake live results that Johnny Devine invaded ROH starting a TNA vs. ROH war and it was one of the greatest forum topics I’ve ever read. Also, what happened to Johnny Devine?


JESUS CHRIST, look at the size of Devon. You can tell he’s pretty pleased with how big he is because he does the reverse Kurt Angle (i.e. he comes out topless and only pulls his singlet up once the match starts). I was disappointed there weren’t more shenanigans with the clearly enormous Team 3D manipulating the weigh-in results (e.g. Bubba tying helium balloons to his belt).

Don West seems genuinely annoyed that they make weight and the match has to go on as scheduled, though the alternative of the PPV grinding to a halt while the Dudleys are escorted out the building and the ring crew take all the unused fish market props to the back would have been an all-time great TNA moment.

Part 2


Here’s what we tuned in to see. Fish Carcass Warefare. Tenay and West are in love with making fish references. Tenay sounded like he had been waiting years to say “Holy mackerel!” I think we have the highlight of the match with Curry Man catching Bubba Ray with a snack cake on the end of a fishing pole.

We did learn that Tenay and West suffer from ichthyophobia. In somewhat related news, I now know the technical name for a “a fear of fish” is thanks to the interweb.


Don West said “Don’t worry, be happy” as Curry Man hits Bubba with a fish. I love this man. I marked for Curry Man using a fishing pole and fat filled dessert treat to reel in Bubba. Mike Tenay says it’s a Ho Ho. West says it’s a Ding Dong. I trust Don way more.

I have to admit Bubba’s selling in comedy matches is a wonderful thing to see. Bubba throws the fish into the crowd. People are throwing them back. Beautiful. Bubba kisses a fish and hits Curry Man in the private parts with it. Not as beautiful.


Oh my god. This is where I fall in love with this match. There’s a real sense of giddy excitement to everything, with the commentary team only exacerbating things with their wacky remarks and horrible forced puns:

  • “Holy mackerel, what a shot that was!”
  • “This match, it’s a long way from floundering!”
  • “The fish are flying at Destination X!”

My favourite moment is when Bubba spits fish at a giggling Mike Tenay and Don West who frantically try and hide themselves behind clipboards and lackeys to avoid it. EVERYONE’S HAVING SUCH A GOOD TIME AND IT’S INFECTIOUS.

Well, everyone except Curry Man, who gets hit in the balls by:

  • A fish
  • An oar
  • A fishing rod


Part 3


I enjoy the way Bubba sells Shark Boy’s punches. The double sitting facebuster kind of made me go “yeah!”The 3D finish was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the latter part of this match.

It may have been wacky and it may have made very little sense most of the time but it was so much more amusing than what TNA is today, which is bland… and it still makes very little sense.


When referencing the TNA assistant at ringside, Don West makes sure to refer to her as their “attractive” assistant. Don West, mack daddy. I’m enjoying this match. I admit it. Cute finish with a blinded Bubba hitting the finish the 3D on Devon.

I miss the Russo era of wacky TNA charm such as this “Fish Market Street Fight.” I’ll take it over 95% of the Hogan era or most dull inspired wrestling. Wacky wrestling lives!


Probably the least exciting part, but still fun! The ending with Bubba giving Devon the 3D is crazy BUT logically consistent with the rest of the insane match, and that’s all you can ask out of wrestling!

All in all, a ***** classic. This is the side of TNA I wish was a more prominent part of the show. Robbie E and Joseph Park in a Chicago Courtroom street fight for Bound for Glory, please.


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