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    Dirt Sheet History: July 2008

    Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

    Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at June 2008, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from July of 2008 as we read Dirt Sheet History.

    Reminder that you can find all past editions of Dirt Sheet History looking at 2004 through 2007 right here. Now enjoy July 2008.



    * The quarter hour ratings were released for this week’s WWE Raw and there’s some good news for CM Punk. The highest rated segment of the show by far was a 4.12 for the overrun featuring new World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk’s first title defense against JBL. WWE shook things up with the draft and followed up with a strong show with new faces on top. Some ratings momentum could secure somebody like Punk in a top position.

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    This Or That (3/31/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Better historical Wrestlemania match?

    Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin @ Wrestlemania 13 – 66%, Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock @ Wrestlemania 18 – 34%

    Which one man Jim show would you rather attend?

    Jim Ross – 67%, Jim Cornette – 33%

    Better show idea?

    Steve Blackman Bounties – 63%, WWE Pros vs. Joes – 37%

    Better Mexican food?

    Burritos – 70%, Tacos – 30%

    Will Wrestlemania 30 be among the greatest events in Wrestlemania history: YES or NO?

    Get your prediction shoes on!



    It’s a huge night for Daniel Bryan and could lead to one of wrestling’s greatest moments but definitely not seeing it as one of the greatest Wrestlemanias in history. Most of the undercard seems thrown together just to fit in the most wrestlers it can. The high-profile matches are kind of weak when it comes to exciting build-ups.

    The main event could be something special if Daniel Bryan wins and the whole scenario of Daniel Bryan going the distance would make it one of my favorite Wrestlemanias of all-time but that doesn’t make the overall show one of the greatest.



    So tough to forecast but it comes down to one thing for me. Are you a big Daniel Bryan fan? If so, yes.

    Other than Bryan/Triple H and the title match, nothing really has a big match feel going into the show. Undertaker/Lesnar has had a horrible build but should deliver in the ring. Cena/Wyatt is hit or miss. Everything else looks like complete filler. That being said, Daniel Bryan is my favorite wrestler and I expect him to deliver two GREAT matches and one of the best moments in Wrestlemania history if he wins the championship for real this time.



    I think the story of Bryan’s struggle to overcome everything has the potential to make the main event one of the best in Wrestlemania history, but as far as the whole show being among the greatest events overall… I don’t see it. The two Bryan matches are sure to be excellent, but given how great a lot of the guys are on the roster, the rest of the card is too depressingly empty for me to have much confidence in it.

    I’m interested in Cena/Wyatt and I think they’re capable of something special, but maybe only once they’ve had a couple of big matches together. The Brock/Taker match will be good, though I just don’t have the feeling that it’ll be any better than their previous efforts. The rest of the card is just a series of missed opportunities and guys thrown together for no particular reason. I’d love to be proven wrong and for this show to be incredible, but I personally don’t see it as happening.


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    Seven Things: 7 Weirdest Wrestling Rumors

    Welcome to Seven Things, a list that will run weekly and consist of very eclectic topics. These are of my opinions and doesn’t express the views of others on WrestlingOnEarth.

    Two of the most synonymous things with pro wrestling are gossip and weirdness. The tabloid like coverage wrestling is met with on hundreds of websites referred to by some as “dirt sheets” and with that territory comes many fake stories. Wrestling rumors catch on and spread through wrestling fans like wildfire in a forest. Some are real, some are fake and some are never discovered. Add in how weird the world of wrestling is in general and you have a recipe for greatness. Here are my Seven Weirdest Wrestling Rumors.

    Reminder: If you have any suggestions for future lists, feel free to share them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter: @typicalROHfan.

    7. Sid puts a squirrel down his pants


    As most people familiar with my wrestling fandom know, I love Sid. I get why most people dislike him and would assume I dislike him even more, but for whatever reason I just love the dude’s matches. Less known is my love for squirrels. I once had an unofficial pet squirrel that would come to my fire escape every day after school and I’d feed it peanuts. It once came into my room and jumped on my dresser to find the nuts on a day I forgot then politely jumped back out of the window. Enough about the weird history of loved things in my life as this is a case of two loves not always working out.

    Sid apparently had a pet squirrel he would take to many shows with him. The rumor goes that a few wrestlers bet Sid that he wouldn’t be able to put the squirrel down his pants for a full minute. Being the man’s man that he is, Sid accepted the challenge. 30 seconds into the wager, the squirrel “bit a very sensitive area” and Sid had to go to the hospital.

    Sid. Enough said.

    BONUS WEIRD SID RUMOR: Legend has it that Sid literally pooped in his trunks during the main event of Wrestlemania 13.

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    Wrestling Fan Tattoos: Not Always the Best Idea

    In his WWE documentary, CM Punk stated that he “feels sorry for anyone who doesn’t have tattoos”. Here are some reasons why this might be a silly thing to say, with evidence of some truly remarkable tattoos sourced from the skin of wrestling fans.

    A lot of these were sourced from the Wrestling Tattoos Facebook page, which you should absolutely check out. Also, if you’ve got a hunger for more questionable tattoos, why not read our article about the Worst Back Tattoos in Wrestling?

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Wrestling On Earth is a confirmed no-judge zone, so we’re not saying that any of these tattoos are terrible, nor are we questioning the sanity of their owners – you can make your own minds up about that.

    Hulk Hogan


    Yep, this is what we’re starting with. There’s a LOT going on here, but what’s most interesting is how the dimensions of the already beefy Hulkster are just CRAZY. Look at those arms! Is that intentional or was the artist just confused about exactly how many inches Hogan’s famous pythons are? Contrarily, his waist is so tiny that I can only assume he’s wearing a girdle.


    If you were to get a tattoo of the Hulkster’s face on your butt cheek, what expression would you want him to have? Probably ‘coyly smug’, right? Right.


    I HAVE ZERO SNARKY COMMENTS ABOUT THIS ONE, IT JUST FLAT-OUT RULES. Look at his cheeky little man-boobs! From now on, this is how I’ll always picture Hulk Hogan in my mind’s eye. Continue reading

    This Or That (2/10/14)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Who do you fault more for their falling out?

    WWE – 53%, CM Punk – 47%

    More exciting Elimination Chamber match?

    Orton vs. Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Cena vs. Cesaro vs. Christian – 65%, The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family – 35%

    More optimistic sign for TNA?

    Samoa Joe’s push – 61%, MVP’s debut – 39%

    Better super power?

    Invisibility – 55%, Flying – 45%

    Better Hall of Fame choice: The Ultimate Warrior or Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts?

    The first two members of the 2014 Hall of Fame. Which is “more” of a Hall of Famer?



    Both of these men have had their problems but I do feel that they both deserve a place in the WWE Hall of Fame. The Ultimate Warrior has to take this one though. He was larger than life and took wrestling by storm for a period of time. He represents a lot of the good and bad of wrestling in a lot of ways.

    The Ultimate Warrior


    1989 is my year of birth. I don’t have the pleasure of being able to truly rank them as I didn’t get to see their careers unfold in real time. That being said, with my skewed view, it’s The Ultimate Warrior. He was way more important in the history of WWE and just represents an entity bigger than Jake’s body of work.

    Sure, he has a world of flaws but in a bizarre way, I feel that’s what makes him more relevant to the culture of wrestling. A crazy human being playing a crazy face-painted beast who could barely form cohesive sentences. It was must see. Also, let’s please stop pretending Jake was as big in stature in WWE as Warrior was when both were at their peak. Warrior beat Hulk Hogan clean in a Wrestlemania main event.

    The Ultimate Warrior


    This year’s Hall of Fame is already set to be the most interesting one for a while. As deserving as Bruno Sammartino and Mick Foley were last year, they’re also very safe – Mick might have had his issues with WWE in the past and Bruno was on the outs with Vince for longer than I’ve been alive, but both seem like professional, dignified guys who won’t make a scene.

    On the other end of the dignity spectrum though, you have the Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts. Honestly, at this point it seems inevitable that every past star is eventually going to reconcile their differences with the company and be ‘welcomed’ back into the fold for the sake of a Hall of Fame induction and a DVD set, but having Warrior and Jake opening and closing the thing… well, it seems awfully daring for a company that’s become so conservative. I’m not expecting any real theatrics (or at least none that make it to broadcast / DVD release) but it’s still exciting!

    Anyway, back to the question! Both these guys were favourites of mine as a kid, and as much as Jake trumps Warrior when it comes to promos, wrestling ability and… well, most everything that you’d usually use to measure the standard of a wrestler, the Ultimate Warrior was just the Ultimate Warrior. As a six year old, he was the guy I could look to as definitive proof that wrestling was a) amazing and b) REAL. He was just too crazy for any other possibility to be feasible! I don’t know that it makes him more ‘worthy’ to be entered into the Hall of Fame, but he’s still my pick.

    The Ultimate Warrior 

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    The Merch Table: Worn Ring Gear Special

    Wrestling companies make merchandise. It’s usually pretty bad, but sometimes, it’s terrible. Welcome to The Merch Table.

    Every week, @TomBlargh will look at some of the awful merch that someone expects you to buy. Up this week: WORN RING GEAR SPECIAL.

    This week saw the return of WWE’s auction site. This is something they’ve done in the past, but never with any consistency, and I’m not sure why! A lot of wrestling fans are a) psychotic and b) terrible with money, so I’m surprised Vince hasn’t looked to selling this as a reliable source of income.

    Anyway, it’s an exciting time, with listed items including signed action figures, signed belts… and worn ring gear. It’s the last part that’s most intriguing to me, as it’s guaranteed that these are the items that will attract the most crazies.

    However, it’s not the safe, sanitary world of WWE auctions that we’ll be looking at today (though I’m sure they’ll get covered in the future) – instead, we’ll be taking a dip back into eBay to see what kind of worn ring gear’s getting sold (or not sold) on the Internet’s biggest flea market. LET’S GET STARTED.

    Ultimate Warrior singlet


    God bless the Ultimate Warrior and his horrific singlets. I’m actually disappointed he’s not personally selling this on his own website, which is as crazy as you’d hope. My favourite bit is this startling introduction to his art page:

    “My name is Warrior. I am a self -taught artist. I use oils and my only tool is a knife.”

    Of course it is!


    Did it sell? WHAT DO YOU THINK (the answer is no) Continue reading