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    GFW-TNA Slammiversary 2015 Preview and Predictions

    This is a show.


    Giving their thoughts and predictions on what to expect from the PPV are members of the site @JoeySplashwater, @TimWelcomed and @TomBlargh.

    Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E


    I’m researching on TNA to see what’s happening with these matches. Apparently Robbie E is a good guy. In most companies, this would be a noteworthy bad decision but in TNA, it’s not even top 10. Jessie vs. Bram at Bound For Glory live on UStream, brothers.

    Interest Level: 0/10
    Prediction: Jessie Godderz wins.


    I’ve been watching TNA for a long time and can tell you this match was years in the making. Former tag team partners colliding to decide who is better. Simple storytelling done right. Big match feel confirmed.

    Interest Level: 10/10
    Prediction: Robbie E. wins.



    Re: this match – is TNA still doing their silly Spin Cycle show? That was a good laugh. I’m not sure what’s going on with this but Robbie E probably deserves better.

    Interest Level: 5/10
    Prediction: Robbie E wins.

    Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards


    Is this a shot at ROH on Destination America? WHO IS MORE DISGRUNTLED?!


    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Davey Richards wins because Austin Aries is always most disgruntled!


    As an avid TNA fan this is the pentacle of why TNA has such a loyal fan base. Where else on TV can you see great wrestlers get the time to go out and do what they love? TNA delivers dream matches and this is just one of many on this night. Richards has a kick-based offense. Aries has a kick-based offense. The real people getting their kicks here will be us the fans. I don’t believe Aries will be leaving TNA after this. He’s one of their smarter wrestlers and knows loyalty will pay off. I do see Richards getting the win here to swerve the fans. It’ll only make it more exciting!

    Interest Level: 10/10
    Prediction: Richards wins.


    What’s the state of Davey’s hair these days? Is he still dying it? What about the bodypaint thing with the scratches, is that still going on?

    Interest Level: 7/10
    Prediction: Austin to Aries wins and then cuts a searing hot shoot promo on Dixie Carter and “Double J” Jeffrey Jarrett.

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    Grading The Global Force Wrestling Roster Reveal

    Global Force is real!


    Jeff Jarrett announced the first few names for his new promotion. Here are the wrestlers and instant reaction to each.

    Chris Masters


    The popular opinion about Chris Masters during his last days in WWE were that he was improving. That thought process has gone on since he was let go by WWE in 2011 but has anyone really seen it? Jeff Jarrett worked with Masters in TNA’s short lived India promotion Ring Ka King but Masters work there was basically just doing the Masterlock challenge. If Jarrett uses him the same way, it’s impossible to get excited about it until he proves himself as more than he was in WWE.

    Grade: C

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    Match of the Week: Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett (San Francisco 49ers Match on WCW Nitro 10/2/00)

    Many sites have a match of the week but ours is a little different. These matches are the ones that are fun to watch… in the non-traditional way.

    This week, we’ve chosen Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett in a San Francisco 49ers Match on the December 2, 2000 edition of WCW Nitro for the WCW Championship. Members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett give their (lack of) expertise on the action.

    The first and only San Francisco 49ers Match features the brilliant Vince Russo brainchild of 4 boxes being hung above each corner of the ring. One holds the WCW title and you must open that box and pick up the title. The other boxes may not have held the WCW title but they held many fond memories and moments.

    Part 1: The classic begins



    Booker T and Jarrett are in the ring as four cheaply made wooden boxes hang in every corner. The lady who received Booker T’s shirt makes an early argument for who the MVP of this match is by acting like a straight up wild woman towards Jeff Jarrett.

    The bell rings and this historic match is underway. To prove how unscripted and real this and every match in WCW is, one of the wooden boxes falls to the ground before the two-minute mark. What does this box contain? Is it the one with the World Heavyweight Championship? Is there a python in there? Maybe it’s the book “Lying, Congressional Style” so the recipient can add one point (two points if they already have the Comprehension Perk) to their Speech Skill? No one knows right now as both men continue to battle it out.

    Jarrett goes to the box finally and smashes it open. It’s a blow-up doll and its legs are goofy as hell.

    The fans hoot and holler at this.  This match is wild and shows no signs of slowing down.


    The elderly Booker T t-shirt recipient getting in Jeff Jarrett’s grill is among the history of great fans hating Jeff Jarrett. It culminated in fans slapping him with straps at TNA vs. Samoa Joe; a classic you surely remember.

    This was a vintage Vince Russo brainchild. It’s kind of like the past generation’s Feast Or Fired. I love that the first box is a blow-up doll. Because nothing sums up poor 2000 comedy as well as blow-up dolls. The doll took more bumps than most of the WCW main event roster.


    “How do you prepare for something like this?” asks the commentary team, and man, that’s a good question. The appearance by a stunt granny to get in Jarrett’s face justifies my purchase of the ‘Wrestling Secrets Revealed’ VHS. Is it me or is Double J looking a little huskier than usual? Not in a bad way, mind. Maybe he knew he had to beef up for a main event run in the Dubya-Cee-Dubya. It’s an upper body business, brother.

    Every single time the boxes shake, I freak out with excitement, and it isn’t long until my dreams come true and a box falls down by itself. What’s inside? It’s a blow-up sex doll, of course! The match has to take a break as the entire crowd passes out from laughter. Continue reading

    This Or That: 11/04/2013

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over five questions, @TimWelcomed@typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation! #BRANDING

    More likely to get a singles match at Wrestlemania 30: Dolph Ziggler or Hulk Hogan?

    Despite being in his physical prime, Ziggler’s mostly been buried on the undercard after a (very) brief World Heavyweight Title run. Meanwhile, while The Hulkster might be barely able to move, he’s still making noise about a WWE return. Who is more likely to get a singles match at Wrestlemania 30?



    I will put a little faith out there and say that Dolph Ziggler will, at the most, be on the Wrestlemania pre-show. Hogan, however, will most likely be on the main card in some capacity. I’ll even say he’s more likely to wrestle a match on the main card than Dolph Ziggler.

    Best case scenario, I’m completely wrong and Hogan will just be a special guest referee that calls it down the middle in the rumored title unification match and Ziggler will have a match against someone worthwhile. This is way better.

    Hulk Hogan


    Fans discussing wrestling online tend to confuse the term “buried” with “the wrestler I like lost a match” often but when it comes to Dolph Ziggler, this instance DOES seem like a case of someone being buried. Based off the way they’ve booked him even when he was being pushed vs. Cena in early 2013, Ziggler just never seemed to be a guy WWE believes in. One month in, newcomer Big E. Langston was presented as being of equal stature of Ziggler. That said a lot to me about WWE’s outlook of what Ziggler is.

    On the the other end, this is Wrestlemania 30 so the show has to be even more special than usual. There’s no doubt in my mind WWE wants Hogan on the show in some capacity. I think the safe bet is he beats up some heels in a non match setting making the save for someone shades of Wrestlemania 21 but if I had to pick one of the two, I’d think Hulk Hogan is much more likely to get a singles match than Ziggler.

    I do think Ziggler will be in a multi-person match or on the pre-show but can’t see him getting a singles angle going into Wrestlemania at all.

    Hulk Hogan


    Yeah, short of Ziggler getting a complete reboot or saving a member of the McMahon-Levesque clan from some kind of a natural disaster, I can’t imagine he’ll be in anything other than the multi-man tag match at Wrestlemania.

    Hogan’s a trickier one. It seems like a safe assumption that he wants back with the WWE, and I’m sure WWE would want to have him involved to (if the price is right). I’m not sure if he’s capable of having a match, but…. well, that’s probably not enough to stop him from trying. I assume his opponent would end up being someone like Heath Slater, picking up from where he left off from Raw 1,000 and continuing his streak of jobbing to legends.

    You never know though, given Ziggler’s current career trajectory, it could be him that goes down to the big boot in two and a half minutes at ‘Mania, rendering this question completely pointless!

    Hulk Hogan

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