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    Wrestling On Earth’s Top 10 Twitter Accounts of 2015

    Wrestlers have Twitter accounts. Usually they’re very bad, but sometimes? Sometimes, they’re solid stuff.

    Over the course of about 90 emails, @JoeyOnEarth, @TimWelcomed and @TomBlargh determined their ten favorite wrestling Twitter accounts in 2015. Feelings were hurt, shots were fired and things got very real, but we ultimately came to terms on a list that we can live with, or at least one that we’re too exhausted to keep fighting about any longer.

    PLEASE NOTE: We’re only ranking wrestlers and other notables in “The Biz”, so shut up about how funny you and your stupid mates are on Twitter, it’s not always about you ffs.

    10. Dave Meltzer


    The pandering for NJPW/PWG and hatred for WWE/Neville has made Dave Meltzer a great presence on social media. Most of his gems are on the podcasts but he will give a fun out of context tweet every now and then. MeltzMan has a perfect dry sense of humor for Twitter. (Sorry, Neville. I tried to keep him off the list but Tom WHINED for HOURS about it.)


    I did not agree with The Meltz making this list but a lot of things were said (by Tom) in the deliberations. Eventually you just give up the fight and move on to something else. He’s made a few funny tweets here and there despite not knowing it. His actual jokes can be funny for all of the wrong reasons. I still think someone like Randy Orton deserves this spot. Anyway, there are worse accounts that could have made the list so I can be thankful for having Big Dave in the number ten spot instead.


    The other two gave me so much shit about this, you wouldn’t believe it. Is Big Dave a wrestler? No, no he is not. However, his presence on social media is one of my absolute favourite things about wrestling, even when he’s droning on about UFC.

    The times when he makes “jokes” are especially sensational. Really, my favourite bit about Melty is the way everyone else reacts to him, like he’s the mad old uncle in the corner of the room making references no-one gets.

    9. Daniel Bryan


    I love Daniel Bryan’s presence on social media. You can tell he clearly hates it but his employer and his wife kind of forces him to use it. The results are that of an old man who thinks smart phones are evil posting rare honest thoughts without a filter. I know this is about Twitter only but I’m a fan of Bryan’s Instagram always being updated coincidentally the same time as Brie Bella’s and typically all posts about Brie Bella.

    ALSO OF NOTE: Bryan RT’d a link to our review of his book in 2015. Tom is confirmed a traitor.


    I could have went either way on this one. Daniel Bryan seems like a really sweet person who tries to stand by his core set of values. He uses his platform to try spreading what he believes is right which is kind of nice in the wrestling world. He has a certain charm about him but that’s what makes him so likable in the first place. I don’t think he tweets enough but it is always funny when you get the vibe that he’s just there because he has to be.


    I personally wouldn’t have Bryan in my top 10 list. I think he’s an absolute sweetheart and his anti-consumerism messages that run in complete opposite to WWE’s core mission are very fun, but he’s just not active enough – when it comes to social media content, I need volume!

    RESPONSE NOTE: I am NOT a traitor, Joey just can’t stand me keeping it real. Continue reading

    Top 10 Tweets of January 2015

    Each month, I’ll pick out my personal favorite tweets and share it with you fine folks. Keep in mind this is 100% subjective and only features tweets on my timeline.

    All past posts are here.

    10. Brad’s fandom of Tatanka

    9. Jim Ross’ big moments in Japan

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    This Or That (1/7/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Better Christmas movie?

    A Christmas Story – 67%, Christmas Vacation – 33%

    Better Home Alone movie?

    Home Alone – 73%, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York – 27%

    Better Christmas movie?

    Elf – 52%, Bad Santa – 48%

    Better Christmas cartoon?

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas – 80%, Frosty the Snowman – 20%

    All questions are submitted by good ol’ Nightlife (@AnimeKing420) this week so he’s on the panel.

    Worse Royal Rumble moment: Batista’s 2014 win or The entire Royal Rumble 1999 match?

    Which Royal Rumble moment made you cringe more?



    The end of the 2014 Royal Rumble is probably one of the most heartwarming moments in wrestling to me. To see and hear so many people acknowledge that a great (and arguably the best) wrestler wasn’t getting what he deserved was amazing. Any other time and place and I doubt Batista would’ve received that reaction. Poor Rey Mysterio, though. After seeing the reaction to Daniel Bryan’s return I have some hope that maybe Roman Reigns will be in Batista’s shoes at the end of the Royal Rumble this year.

    Both of these moments say a lot about WWE. I can’t think of any Royal Rumble that was as bad as 1999’s. In fact, that whole year was pretty ridiculous. It did way more harm than good and is the Royal Rumble I go back to watch the least.

    Royal Rumble 1999


    Last year was worse at the time but it ended up being an amazing moment. I’ve watched the last 5 minutes of the 2014 Royal Rumble at least 20 times in the last year. It’s amazing television that is so glorious. I’ll go on record and say I’d rather see Roman Reigns win the 2015 Rumble and get the Batista treatment than someone like Dolph Ziggler win it.

    The 1999 Royal Rumble was just a train wreck. But I think I’m gonna go with 2014 just because of the whole “it’s so bad, it’s good” logic. 2014’s Royal Rumble was the epitome of that. Therefore it wins for being good and bad. Get it? Good.

    Royal Rumble 2014


    I rewatched the ’99 Rumble for the first time in a few years just for this, and my god, was that match horrible. The entire focus of the match was a tedious, drawn-out arena-wide brawl between Stone Cold and Vince, the cool Rumble spots and surprises being thrown to the wayside in favor of the continuation of the top feud. Besides the Austin/McMahon brawl, all I remember from that match was Big Daddy V being kidnapped by some jabronies.

    While overall the Stone Cold/McMahon feud was legendary, this was absolutely a low point. As bad as Batista winning in 2014 was, this was as bad as that one short moment, but also stretched out over an hour and featuring Vince McMahon returning to commentary to bury everyone. It also doesn’t help that the Rumble match went on right after Rock and Mankind tore the house down.

    Royal Rumble 1999


    Sick of all these marks talking shit about Vince Russo’s masterpiece. Royal Rumble ’99 was PRETTY DUMB but I don’t have bad memories of it at all. Batista winning the Rumble last year was hilarious on one level, but just really depressing on another. Thank God the Punker sacrificed himself to save Wrestlemania, like the wrestling Jesus he truly is.

    Batista’s 2014 win

    [poll id=”111″]

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    Seven Things: 7 Bold Predictions For 2015

    Welcome to Seven Things, a list that consists of very eclectic topics. It happens once in a while when inspiration hits.

    Quick thing – A friend of a friend is a friend and someone is in need of some help. A friend of mine is trying to help out someone with some unfortunate luck and in need during a very difficult time. Please take a look and if you can help, please do. Here’s the link – CLICK HERE.

    Wrestling thing – It’s 2015! 2014 was one of the most bizarre years in wrestling history. CM Punk left WWE, a “fan movement” pushed Daniel Bryan into the Wrestlemania main event, Alberto Del Rio was fired for slapping a racist employee, AJ Styles made TNA look like fools, Sting (in a t-shirt) joined WWE, Kevin Steen (in a t-shirt) joined WWE, NJPW became relevant to American wrestling fans, ROH took steps forward (namely gaining PPV) and TNA took steps backwards (namely losing PPV).

    Hey yo: If you have any suggestions for future lists or topics you’d care to hear my opinion on, feel free to share them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter: @JoeySplashwater

    7. Neither Dolph Ziggler or Dean Ambrose will have a singles main event on PPV


    Sad to say but the babyface pecking order is getting to be a tough climb. There’s the constant John Cena, a returning Daniel Bryan, a soon to be returning Randy Orton and WWE’s Christmas wish of a baby face Roman Reigns. Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose are clearly below those four and I can’t see getting over those hurdles. You can turn them heel as the only current top villains are Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar with the latter likely leaving. The problem is their highest stock are due to the babyface runs. Ziggler is currently doing the best work of his career and Ambrose was built as a decent merch-mover when hitting on all cylinders as a face while feuding with Seth Rollins.

    Every year around Wrestlemania season, a few wrestlers get lost in the shuffle and have a hard timing getting back to where they were at the start of the year. I think both guys will have significant roles but I can’t see them getting back to the main event status like the Autumn of 2014. I have a little more faith in Ambrose due to his ceiling but you’d have assumed he’d be treated like a bigger deal after his great run in the August-October months if the hopes were higher.

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