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    Top 10 Wrestlers of the Year 2014

    Time to rank the best wrestlers of the year.

    Fresh off of our Year End Awards Extravaganza, we decided to create a panel to compile a list of our Top 10 Wrestlers of the Year. Five regular Wrestling On Earth contributors ranked their top 15 wrestlers of 2014 using whatever criteria they determine makes one “Wrestler of the Year.” The criteria is completely subjective to each person.

    To get on the list, you have to be on 3+ panel member lists and then we’d do simple math of who had the highest rankings to see how it played out.

    The panel:

    Honorable mentions: Brock Lesnar and Adam Cole just missed the list as they were on three lists but didn’t quite crack the top 10.

    10. Daniel Bryan



    Even though he was absent for such a good chunk of the year, his story made for the best Wrestlemania in a decade and his announcement that he’ll be back in 2015 is such a relief. Raw’s gotten to the point where there’s only a handful of performers I actively look forward to, and Bryan’s absence made the show a really rough watch for a while – even with guys like Rollins and Cesaro and so on, there was a point where Bryan would be wrestling a couple of matches every show and he was always excellent. He’s just special, y’know?


    Daniel Bryan started the year in a position that was some what undesirable to say the least. It may have been perhaps the plan all along to put Bryan in his spot he ended up having at Wrestlemania. One thing that I will say about Bryan is he is the one guy who was involved in some of the most memorable moments of the year in my opinion.

    Bell to bell, there are few guys who truly work harder in those 3 ropes (not four) than Daniel Bryan. While Bryan’s 2014 was cut short, the intensity he brings and the level he connects with the fans makes him very worthy in the top 10.


    DBry is on my list in spite of missing half the year. You all probably know the story — he defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania XXX to get a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Bryan vs. Triple H was my favorite WWE match of the year). He won that match, and later in the night defeated Batista AND Randy Orton to capture the championship. That is freaking magical. A whole arena full of nothing but love for their favorite wrestler finally getting what they think he deserves after a years-long buildup. That’s one reason why wrestling is great, and one reason why Bryan is so high on my list for 2014. His recent promo on Raw announcing his entry into the 2015 Royal Rumble makes it even better. 2014 is not the end!

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    The Merch Table: Top 10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Wrestling Fans 2014

    Wrestling companies make merchandise. It’s usually pretty bad, but sometimes, it’s terrible. Welcome to The Merch Table.

    Every week, @TomBlargh will look at some of the awful merch that someone expects you to buy. Up this week: TOP 10 WORST HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR WRESTLING FANS 2014.

    With only one shopping day left until Christmas, now’s the perfect time to reveal our holiday gift guide! Except this is the opposite of that – these are the things you really shouldn’t get a wrestling fan, unless you actively dislike them (which is probably fair enough, given that most wrestling fans are creeps or jerks). As always, hover over the pics for BONUS GAGS (or don’t, it’s your life). LET’S GET STARTED.

    1) AJ Lee Ponytail Baseball Cap


    April Jeanette “Ape” Mendez-Lee-Punker-Brooks (shoot name) is an attractive young lady, but that really doesn’t translate too well to baseball cap form. This whole thing makes no sense to me, is it meant to be… cosplay? Is this what cosplay is? Let’s see if the description makes it any clearer:


    “You can have hair just like the Divas!” No mate, that’s not what’ll happen when you wear this. That’s not what’ll happen at all.

    2) John Cena Nutcracker


    Jesus Christ. Let’s take a closer look:



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    Wrestling On Earth’s 2014 Year End Awards Extravaganza

    If a year ends and your wrestling site doesn’t deliver year-end awards, did the year really happen?

    2014 was a weird year for pro wrestling. Here we give out our hypothetical awards breaking down what was an eventful year to say the least. “Wrestler of the Year” is not included as we will have a big post for that coming before the end of the year.

    As always, @JoeySplashwater, @TimWelcomed, and @TomBlargh will hand out their awards.

    Best Promotion




    WWE was great for about 25% of the year before falling off track. TNA had another bad year. ROH had some highs and a really great first half to the year but were inconsistent after. PWG fell off a pedestal. Chikara = LOL.

    NJPW wins this one kind of by default and by becoming a relevant promotion in America. I didn’t watch all New Japan shows nor am I most connected but they gave me memorable matches, great moments and excitement. The G1 was some of the most fun I’ve had watching wrestling as I think back to watching random puro matches on train rides in the Summer.

    Also my main man who I like to pretend isn’t a Republican AJ Styles keeps saying NJPW is the only wrestling company to make money in 2014. I guess he isn’t aware of CHIKARA but I’m sure Allen Jones is talking about both promoters and wrestlers making money. New Japan wins.



    Watching NXT grow throughout this year has been a blast. It’s had the most consistent and enjoyable special events of any promotion I’ve watched this year. The roster is one of the best around and only got better as 2014 progressed. The weekly TV show, while not perfect, usually delivered at least one or two fun or memorable moments per episode.

    2014 has been a bland year for wrestling. PWG lost it’s steam. ROH couldn’t keep me intrigued. TNA was a bore. The post-Wrestlemania main roster WWE product was excruciating to watch. Absolutely heartbreaking. Out of all of this two bright spots were always there: NJPW and NXT.

    NJPW has brought me some great shows and matches all year but there seemed to be something missing for me. A certain energy or atmosphere that I can’t really put a finger on. NXT kept me excited and optimistic about wrestling in a year where I actually questioned why I watch. NXT is full of talent that makes the most of it’s simple (but often satisfying) booking.

    Is it over-hyped by fans? Probably but I can’t let that annoyance move me away from thinking it’s the best part of pro wrestling in 2014. People just want to be excited about something.



    Obviously, as the site’s number one puro fan, you’d expect me to choose New Japan but GUESS WHAT, I refuse to sully their name by mixing them in with all this gaijin American trash wrestling. So, instead, I’ve gone for the next best thing – NXT.

    Yes, it’s still part of WWE. No, I very rarely watched the weekly show. However, the few specials they’ve had have all been incredible and felt unlike almost anything else The Fed’s put out this year. Also, there hasn’t been much competition. TNA’s a non-entity, WWE’s been dreadful for most of the year, PWG’s been in a weird state and ROH has just been a bit lacking.

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