• The Puro Reportu

    The Puro Reportu: G1 Climax Edition

    Japanese wrestling (known to experts as ‘puroresu’) is the world’s only REAL form of professional wrestling and Tom is the Internet’s only REAL authority on the subject.


    • This year’s G1 Tournament has been a sensational exhibition of strong style wrestling action. I have watched every G1 and can confirm that the workrate has NEVER been higher. If you aren’t watching, I do not respect you as a wrestling fan.


    • Kazuchika ‘The Rainmaker’ Okada is a wrestler that deserves to be in every Hall of Fame on the planet. It is shameful that TNA had him for over a year and did nothing with this spectacular talent.


    • As a sidenote, I can confirm that I will be boycotting Impact until they make Seiya Sanada world champion. It is embarrassing to only ever see him on their terrible Spin Cycle show (which is NOT FUNNY) with those clowns EC3, Spud and Robbie E.



    This is disgusting.


    • Shinsuke ‘Ye-Oh’ Nakamura is better than Bryan ‘Daniel Bryan’ Danielson (that is a shoot).


    • If you claim to love wrestling but you don’t watch puroresu then you ARE racist.

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