• Facebook Wrestling Gems

    Facebook Wrestling Gems #1: Cool Wrestlers

    Hey, it’s me, Orin. I love digging around on Facebook, with all its angry grandmas and dirty trucker memes. Over time, my digging has led me to a ton of small, often rural indie promotions. These promotions’ pages offer a cool glimpse of what wrestling looks like on a hyper-local level: event flyers, promotional videos, wrestlers’ headshots, and albums full of in-ring action.

    The first installment of Facebook Wrestling Gems showcases cool wrestler headshots. Some of these characters are lovable, some are fearsome, and some are a little confusing. They’re all fantastic. Note: When available, I’ll include links back to the promotions where I found the photos.

    I encourage you to click around and do some exploring of your own. Find a super small indie near you and go to a show! They’re tons of fun and you may discover your new favorite wrestler. Let’s get started. 

    Angel De La Muarte (sic?) – Rebellious Wrestling Federation

    Okay, yes. There may be a misspelled word in his name, but that’s not the point. Imagine running into this fucker on a dark sidewalk. He’s ambling toward you doing that arm gesture. You’d piss yourself, no questions asked. This is Angel De La Muarte. ARRIBA. Continue reading