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    Bullet Point Reviews: ROH TV (AJ Styles vs. Matt Sydal)

    We watch wrestling shows. We will talk about wrestling shows.

    @JoeySplashwater watched ROH TV last week. Here are his thoughts.

    Show open

    • Cute little Matt Sydal backstage promo. Sydal talks about wanting to prove himself, he loves wrestling, all that jazz.


    • The very outdated ROH TV show open is still around. Davey Richards is the most seen person in the video and his last ROH appearance was a full year ago.


    Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman

    • Short opening match with nothing too noteworthy. It was fine and both guys looked good.


    • Caprice Coleman has done a very good job in his sporadic TV appearances. A great utility player of sorts to have on the roster.


    • Mark Briscoe got the win to re-establish himself as a threat in ROH to actually win matches.


    • It was a fun showcase of the two but I wish either of them had more purpose on the show. It’s hard to care when a match result doesn’t matter.


    • Match result: Mark Briscoe over Caprice Coleman.

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    Bullet Point Reviews: ROH Champions vs. All Stars 2014

    We watch wrestling shows. We will talk about wrestling shows.

    New feature! We will start talking about some of the random wrestling shows we watch with quick thoughts in the form of bullet points.

    @JoeySplashwater is starting off the feature that will be a revolving door of usual WOE members. I’m going to give my review of ROH Champions vs. All Stars. Going forward, I look to provide more reviews for ROH, PWG, the occasional Evolve show and other random independent wrestling shows I happen to watch. Maybe old wrestling too.

    Enjoy the quick recap and some of my instant reaction when watching the show.

    Nigel McGuinness, Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa promos

    • Match-maker Nigel McGuinness is out to start the show. Nigel looks happier and healthier in spirit and energy than he’s been since returning to ROH in a non-wrestling role.


    • Nigel announces that Mark Briscoe has poison ivy and will sit out the main event match leaving Team All Stars in need of a replacement.


    • Adam Cole is out to gloat about Briscoe being afraid of him. Cole used the term “story time” before his promo which elicited “story time” chants by the fans for the 2nd show in a row. That seems like a new catch phrase. Mark Briscoe comes out with his poison ivy to chase Cole to the back.


    • Tommaso Ciampa comes out and asks Nigel to replace Mark Briscoe in the Champions vs. All Star main event. There’s some tension teased between Nigel and Ciampa but Nigel agrees claiming Ciampa was on his short list of replacements anyway.


    • Decent segment to set up the change for the main event and everyone played up their current storylines. This was one of the better uses of Nigel McGuinness. Despite watching just about every ROH show and being a huge Nigel fan, I sometimes forget what his role actually is.

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