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    Wrestling Is Awkward

    Welcome to the first edition of a new irregular (let’s say once every three months!) feature on Wrestling On Earth.

    Wrestling Is Awkward will be something of a light-hearted yet cold reminder that professional wrestling and social media are not a perfect match. Wrestlers, promoters, bookers, writers, fans (myself included as anyone who has or does follow me can tell you) can make a real ass of themselves. The Powers That BeĀ and I decided it’s high time we all reflect back on some of the more hilarious and strange moments.

    “You won’t believe what this person said before they joined WWE/TNA!”

    Occasionally, a person involved in independent wrestling will feel comfortable enough with their station in life to bury WWE or TNA for one thing or another (both companies generally suck, to be fair). That’s not the awkward part though. That comes when said person later begins to work for WWE or TNA and then has to promote that company all the time.

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    (Update: Despite Lasagna apparently bringing a “wrestling show” mindset to the company, TNA is usually still quite bad!)

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