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    Wrestling On Air: Episode 72, 9/4/20

    They didn’t like it when I did the Sci-Fi stuff in the header and I would do it again but they, unfortunately, now have the power to stop me.

    Tom (@TomBlargh), Orin (@orinanne), Tim (@TimWelcomed) and Socks (@scottblah)? We back, again. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio and/or Spotify. There’s also an RSS feed!


    Socks is feeling wet and wild, Little Women Chat (an actual discussion about the film little women and not a segment that’s mocking and derogatory of AEW Heels), a segment that’s mocking and derogatory of AEW Heels, The Gang explores The Fiend’s raw sexual energy, an Austin Powers Cum Tribute, #RateMyCat, expert wrestler pube analysis, and how wrestlers would fare in a Subway sandwich maze.

    Wrestling On Air – 72 – Mojo

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