• This Or That (11/12/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeyOnEarth and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Who will leave Survivor Series as WWE Champion?

    Seth Rollins – 82%, Roman Reigns – 18%

    Which Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match was better?

    No Mercy 2002 – 65%, Hell in a Cell 2015 – 35%

    Which WWE Network special disappointed you more?

    The Stone Cold Podcast With Brock Lesnar – 56%, Breaking Ground – 44%

    Do you like The Flash?

    No – 67%, Yes – 33%

    Who is your favorite member of New Day: Kofi Kingston, Big E or Xavier Woods?

    New Day rocks.



    We all love the entire New Day so don’t you dare think I’m sour on the other two but Kofi Kingston is my guy. I’ve always thought Kofi was extremely underrated and above the level of someone like Dolph Ziggler when everyone was hyping him. Seeing Kofi get to showcase his personality and humor has been one of my favorite things in wrestling this year. He’s a great time as usual in the ring. If Kofi doesn’t win a WWE World Championship at some point in his career, I will be quite disappointed. There’s no reason Sheamus should be holding the MITB briefcase instead of him right now.

    Kofi Kingston


    Xavier Woods was never one of my favorite wrestling personalities but his chemistry with the other members of New Day has boosted him up a good bit. He carries himself differently nowadays and seems like a real good dude. Kofi Kingston has always been a personal favorite to watch in the ring and I’ve always felt like he deserved way more than a lot of the roster. Big E, though… He’s always had a great a personality. Now that he is in a group where he can show it off on a weekly basis he is easily in the top tier for me. On top of all of that he plays “big man” well in all of his matches. The guy is great.

    Big E


    Oh man. Oh MAN. What a choice. I think all three are incredible. Kofi was a favourite of mine for a while, so I was very glad to see him find something that worked and allowed him to be a part of fun, prominent storylines. Big E has won my heart with the way he moves and his ridiculous taunts and so on, it’s all SO good. Like, he’s guaranteed to make me laugh in a completely unexpected way almost every night. However, Xavier Woods JUST about pips him to the post in terms of hilarious facials, and I also respect the hell out of him as a former trombonist myself. They’re all sweeties though! Just three absolute sweeties.

    Xavier Woods

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    More entertaining McMahon kid: Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon?

    McMahon family.



    I’ve been watching many 2000-2001 WWE shows on the Network lately and it made me realize something. We overrated the fuck out of Shane McMahon due to his cool moments during most of our childhoods. He really just jumped off high things once in a while and danced a bit. As a personality, he was fine but nothing special. Stephanie McMahon has always had the gift of being a great heel. I still enjoy her as a promo and think she’d be even better if running as a solo boss rather than splitting mic time with Triple H. Shane was better at jumping off the titan tron but Stephanie is a far more entertaining character.

    Stephanie McMahon


    I think Shane McMahon sucked. He gave us a few highlights (much respect for him putting his body on the line for our entertainment) but outside of that he wasn’t worth the spotlight he got and his little dance always pissed me off. His theme music was maddening. I was and still am genuinely confused as to how much people like that guy. Stephanie plays her role to near-perfection and carries that “evil” McMahon aura really well. She’s my favorite McMahon… but I think she’s probably just as bad as her dad.

    Stephanie McMahon


    Shane is definitely less his father’s child than Stephanie is, but I found him to be a highlight of WWE from ’98 until 2001 or so. He was a little shit, he brought us the Mean Street Posse and he’s also responsible for solidifying Steve Blackman as the greatest wrestler of all time with their sensational feud where he fell off high stuff. Top that, Stephanie. Top THAT.

    Shane O’Mac

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    Better manager: Lana or Summer Rae?


    2015-11-12 20_01_30-Summer rae lana - Google Search


    If you asked me this earlier in the year, I may have chosen Lana but she’s been exposed. She’s outstanding with Rusev but was a train wreck with Dolph Ziggler. You can’t blame her for the “Ziggler-stink” but it shows she’s more successful with the Rusev chemistry than an overall good manager. Summer Rae has done a good job with many different wrestlers and has become a very underrated personality. Hopefully Tyler Breeze is the right wrestler to pair her with and it works because she deserves to be on television every week.

    Summer Rae


    The first time I heard Summer Rae speak in NXT I was surprised at how good she was for where she was at in her career. I had high hopes for her on the main roster when she got called up but that didn’t go well until now. Her and Breeze make a great pair and she totally gets what she’s doing. Lana was great when she was strong and seemed to be over Rusev. Once that started fading away she became a typical WWE pawn and that is REALLY sad. When Lana is at her best and in the right role she is better than Summer Rae. If Summer Rae continues to grow and is kept in a good role for what she can do she’ll eclipse Lana in no time.



    Lana was great, but man, that seems like forever ago now. Also, I’m not confident that when (if?) she comes back as Rusev’s manager, she’ll be able to capture that magic again. It’s all dependent on how many tanks are involved, really. The more tanks the better.

    Also, Lana and Ziggler was the lowlight of not just wrestling this year, but also my life. Meanwhile, Summer was excellent (and seems like a very nice person based on her appearances on Swerved), so I’ll have to go with her.

    Summer Rae

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    Better silly slasher franchise: Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer?

    Wacky horror.



    As a pre-teen, these were two of my favorite films and I still love them for how ridiculous they are. I Know What You Did Last Summer gets extra credit for having a cameo by Moesha’s Brandy as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt appearing on Boy Meets World. As much as I want to give it the edge, it’s definitely Scream. The Scream mask is the perfect horror movie face. It still lives on today and is a good ol’ silly time. Plus we have Monica from Friends and former WCW Champion David Arquette taking it to the next level. Scream 4 life.



    Jennifer Love Hewitt is alright. Sarah Michelle Gellar was okay. Ryan Phillippe? No thanks. Freddie Prinze Jr? Get the hell out of here. All I really remember about this movie is there was a boat and the killer had a hook. I watched it once and never returned. What corny horror movie with a splash of corny comedy did I return to watch over a few times? Scream. I’ve watched all of the Scream movies a lot. David Arquette’s best role is Dewey. Courteney Cox? Drew Barrymore?? NEVE CAMPBELL??? C’mon. Okay… Jamie Kennedy was involved a little but I’m going to ignore that. The mask is iconic and it is a good amount of fun to this day.



    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an I Know What You Did Last Summer! It seems a little unfair to compare the two franchises, Scream always seemed to have a lot more going for it in terms of being smart and self-aware, right? That was my assumption, at least. Also, my beautiful wife’s name is Sydney like wot her from Scream is called, so I’ll have to go for it for that reason alone. That’s how things work when you’re married, it’s messed up.


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