• This Or That (7/16/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Better choice for Wrestler of the Year?

    John Cena – 79%, Roderick Strong – 21%

    Would you rather?

    Have Brock Lesnar throw a car door in your section – 69%, Watch a 20 minute Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns match live – 31%

    More likely to main event a PPV in 2015?

    Cesaro – 85%, Dolph Ziggler – 15%

    Better ice cream truck item?

    Firecracker Popsicle – 66%, WWF Ice Cream Bar – 34%

    Who do you side with in their podcast war: Steve Austin or Roddy Piper?

    Wrestling podcasts.



    They’re both kind of in the wrong in certain ways. Roddy shouldn’t have went after Austin and then had an annoying guy who does impressions do his Stone Cold bit. In the aftermath, Piper came off as super nuts but that’s pretty normal for ole Hot Rod these days. Austin was wrong for using his power to shut down the whole podcast, I feel. However, Roddy Piper’s podcast was SUPER terrible and I have grown to not really like the guy. I have my problems with Austin and I think he handled it bad but Piper started it and then acted really ridiculous. Have a seat, pal.

    Steve Austin


    I’ve only listened to a few Roddy Piper podcast episodes but he’s pretty bad at it between asking uncomfortable questions and not doing research on the subjects he asks about. That being said, Piper always comes off a nice enough guy and is the “old grandpa” in wrestling that you let get away with saying ridiculous things because he’s loveable.

    Steve Austin did not see it that way. After hearing the podcast that offended Stone Cold, I would agree Piper went after him for no reason referring to Austin as a quitter who no-shows. Still, Austin should have just went after one episode instead of the entire podcast. You can’t use a power play to take away someone’s gig like that. Keep on rantin’ up a storm, Hot Rod.

    Roddy Piper


    Just going by his Twitter account, Roddy sends off some very mixed messages about all this. Like, he claims that he’s not mad at Austin, but then he constantly RTs people slating Stone Cold. Austin seems like a broadly decent guy these days, albeit a little thin-skinned at times.

    Ultimately, it’s a question of banter: Piper is delivering crazy old-man banter that most guys should be able to handle without too much issue. You can just dismiss it, you know? However, I think a lot of this mess is still on Piper’s shoulders – my understanding is that Podcast One removed the podcast at Stone Cold’s request, Piper blew up and quit to go to another podcast network, even though he’s contractually unable to. Does that sound right? Anyway, Roddy’s a crazy old man who does crazy old man things that people shouldn’t get upset about, but he’s also created a bunch of crazy old man problems for himself.

    Steve Austin

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    Better WWE reality show: Tough Talk or Total Divas?

    Daniel Bryan: reality star.



    I find myself enjoying both. The season premier of Total Divas was wonderful as was last season. It’s just so dumb in a lighthearted way and kind of builds these characters even more. That was something I didn’t get from the first season. BUT, it can’t beat a show with Hogan acting a damned fool, Paige revealing herself to be even more unbearable, Daniel Bryan being the cutest and most self-aware person in the room, and EVERYONE pretty much taking small jabs at The Miz as he struggles through the show. He’s a goof!

    Tough Talk


    Tough Talk is excellent WWE content but I was blown away by Total Divas last week as they premiered Season 5. The early episodes of Total Divas were nearly unwatchable due to the production and storyline set-ups. Now, they are way more subtle by using actual conflicts in WWE for the betterment of the TV show.

    The latest episode featured Eva Marie walking into the divas locker as Bray Wyatt’s music played perfectly on point before the roster completely destroyed her verbally. They also always know when to use a cut of a Tyson Kidd facial expression. Good stuff and great production by the less than fine folks at E! entertainment.

    Total Divas


    I haven’t seen the latest season of Total Divas, but I’ve always found it a mixed bag. Nikki is a good laugh but Brie’s a boring old stick, so the focus on the Bellas can get a little dull. Tough Talk is incredible entertainment. It feels like the most authentic piece of television that WWE is putting out currently, in that Miz gets horribly exposed as a dude who is not that funny or capable as a host, Bryan is generally charming and bewildered by the reality show experience and Hogan is just Hogan. Paige is trying much too hard and seems quite annoying but I can still tolerate her for the rest of the top-class banter and Miz bullying the show brings.

    Tough Talk

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    Cooler Hulk Hogan Funko POP figure: Hulkamania or Hollywood?

    Brother, brother.



    The only Hogan worth liking is the Hogan you weren’t supposed to like, Jack. Give me that black and white.

    Hollywood Hogan


    As someone who has fallen in love with a small collection of Funko POP figures, Hollywood Hogan is next on my wish list. Both are pretty perfect designs for what they are so the tie goes to the superior Hogan – Hollywood. Don’t forget when voting: nWo is 4 life.

    Hollywood Hogan


    Villains just get the cooler designs, y’know? I also really like how they did Hollywood Hogan’s stubble.

    Hollywood Hogan

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    Better Fast and the Furious star: Vin Diesel or Tyrese?

    Vroom vroom.



    Tyrese made 2Fast 2Furious the powerhouse side-story that it was. He was the true MVP but Vin Diesel is and was the heart and soul of the Ride or Die lifestyle. He brought every character together. They weren’t friends, they were family and he let them know that. Vin Diesel continues to take Hollywood by storm. Tyrese, I like you man but what are you doing? You’re definitely not Groot. You’re not Riddick (we all watch it and we all do the moves along with Vin Diesel). Get it together.

    Vin Diesel


    My favorite of the Fast and the Furious franchise is absolutely “2 Fast 2 Furious” because of the comedic legend that is Tyrese. Vin Diesel is good at what he does but The Rock does it better in the movies now. Whether stealing sandwiches or engaging in vehicular banter, I’m picking Tyrese and it’s not even close.



    Tyrese is alright and definitely deserves his spot in the Fast and the Furious franchise, but Vin Diesel is a) Groot and b) capable of saying some absolutely incredible things:

    CC_VZh0WEAEQsNsVin Diesel

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