• This Or That (6/30/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Which would you rather main event Summerslam?

    Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar – 83%, Seth Rollins vs. Triple H – 17%

    More exciting PWG announcement?

    Akira Tozawa – 65%, Angelico – 35%

    Better option to defeat Jay Briscoe for ROH title?

    Jay Lethal – 54%, Moose – 46%

    Better gift?

    Candy – 83%, Flowers – 17%

    More likely to leave Summerslam as WWE Champion: Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns?




    The Reigns/Wyatt feud seems like a buffer for Reigns to me. A solid win and obstacle to hold him over until closer to Summerslam. I think Reigns is not quite as hard to watch as he used to be (although I’m still not sold on him) but I’m  not sure if it’s really his time yet. I think if they hold off on him a bit longer he’ll be accepted more as champion but it really looks like he’s going to leave Summerslam with that title to me. I would really like Rollins to hold on to it for a little while longer. Maybe grow into a more confident heel before he loses the title and goes completely face.

    Roman Reigns


    The hot rumor is that Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns will end up being the Summerslam title match but I’m still quite skeptical about this. Reigns JUST entered a storyline with Bray Wyatt that may be most his personal singles feud so far in his career.

    Will they end that in 5 weeks? I just can’t see it. Until the title change actually happens at Battleground, I think Seth Rollins is entering Summerslam as champ and has the chance to leave as champ. Either way, I’d bet on Seth because I think Reigns will be stuck with Wyatt.

    Seth Rollins


    Hopefully WWE’s learned from the sins of Wrestlemania and they’ll give the Roman Reigns Rehabilitation Project a little more time – just from a character perspective, he’s far more tolerable now but I still think he needs more time to  not be completely rejected as champion. Rollins’ run as champ has been kind of a mess, but I’d like to see him retain for a while longer and evolve from being a cowardly jerk to become… well, I dunno, a different kind of jerk.

    Seth Rollins

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    Which WWE show would you rather watch a full season of: Swerved or Tough Enough?




    As horrible as Swerved was there was something fun in that it fully embraced how stupid it truly was. Tough Enough is following a boring formula and is full of reality TV tropes that I just can not stand. Didn’t think I would say this a week ago but I’d much rather bathe in the filth of Swerved than watch another moment of Tough Enough.



    I watched both shows in full this week to give them a fair chance and they are both very bad. The thing is Swerved acknowledges how idiotic it is and embraces it so there’s respect there. Tough Enough seems to be trying to pass itself off as a credible show and I can’t stand for that.

    I wanted to like it because Daniel Bryan and Hulk Hogan are judges but it’s bad as ever and looks like it has potential to be the worst wrestling show. I’ll take Hornswoggle messes and Dolph Ziggler banter over it. It’s that bad.



    Tough Enough looks lame as fuck. It’s just the usual deluded asshole reality TV types, whereas I think it would have been much more fun if there’d been a few indy guys and girls and the like tossed in there too. It doesn’t seem like any of them are keen on becoming wrestlers, as opposed to just getting on TV, and that’s KIND OF A BUMMER BUT WHATEVER. Big Andy aka Silent Rage, where are you now.


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    Better tag team: Best Friends or RPG Vice?




    I’ve seen great things from RPG Vice. They work great as a team and I honestly can’t usually get into Rocky Romero. Best Friends consisted of two of my favorite wrestlers around. Trent and Chuck Taylor’s humor worked so well together and it made for a great duo. Their matches alway shad something to make me laugh and enjoy myself during. This is a hard one but I think I lean more towards Best Friends as I like to enjoy myself sometimes. You can get good matches full of spectacle from a lot of wrestlers nowadays. Something that is hard to find is a team who can always have a solid match while delivering decent comedy in the confines of the wrestling world.

    Best Friends


    No disrespect to Best Friends as they were among the better things in PWG but RPG Vice has the makings to be a great team. They’ve probably already had more standout matches in their few months together than Best Friends did in PWG. One is more of an inside joke in Reseda while the other could be a credible tag team for years to come.

    RPG Vice


    I haven’t seen ANY RPG Vice matches yet but I’m not that keen on Rocky Romero, whereas I am VERY keen on “Big Dust” Chuck Taylor. So, yeah. Best Friends 4-eva.

    Best Friends

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    Which Summer movie will be worse: Pixels or Fantastic Four?




    Look, Fantastic Four is going to be real bad stuff. It will be really bad but… BUT… there is not a single thing that movie could throw my way that would give me the helpless feelings seeing the Pixels trailer gave me. So many horrible things going on there. The worst part? If done right the incredibly over-the-top premise could make for a really dumb-but-fun movie. Instead we get Sandler and his merry cast of dimwits being foolish all over the silver screen while Pac-Man fights to restore his good name. NOTICE MS. PAC-MAN WANTED NO PART OF THAT SHIT.

    The nostalgia-hungry “Whitesnake was the greatest band ever” arcade dads are going to drag their kids to this movie forcing their childhood bullshit down the poor youth’s throats. The kids won’t know what is going on. “What Minecraft mod is this?” “Shut up, daughter. These are real video games. Let me tell you about Reaganomics.” “I just want to go home and escape this horrible world you and the people before you helped create by playing on my Oculus Rift. Why can’t we move away from your generations messes? Quit, dad!” With a glazed over look the denim-wearing father replies “That right there is Donkey Kong. But maybe not the Donkey Kong you know. You see, he was originally introduced in an earlier game where he would throw barrels at this little guy who would later be known as Mario! Your uncle who works for Nintendo says that this Donkey Kong actually turned into Cranky Kong in later games.” “Dad, I love mom more.” “Hahaha, don’t we all… don’t we all.”

    So let’s think about what movies do to families before we make them, Hollywood. Let’s try thinking about things for once. Kevin James is in this for god’s sake. I personally would like to forget his post-King of Queens life. YES I ENJOY KING OF QUEENS RERUNS. Jerry Stiller and a pre-Twitter Patton Oswalt were a great duo and Leah Remini was a big plus for that show. Anyway, yeah. Pixels gonna suck.



    I enjoy the story of the Fantastic Four and even I’m not looking forward to seeing that movie. However, I will end up seeing it online eventually so I guess there’s some curiosity involved. Pixels is obviously worse because Adam Sandler is a maniac set out to ruin the film industry.

    Just when you thought he’d hit enough lows over the last 5-10 years, Sandler now makes a movie where he tries to ruin nostalgic video games for us all. Not even Eddie “Eddie Edwards” Edwards can accept this. OH. And Kevin James is apparently playing the United States president in this? Fuck off, Pixels.



    Man. I’m so bummed out about Pixels. It’s a really stupid concept that I’d be entirely onboard with, if it wasn’t an Adam Sandler deal. Like, even if it was Kevin Hart or some other shmuck, I’d be willing to give it a go, but I can’t stand Sandler and his gang of dickheads. You know all those films of his you think were good? Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore and all that? Guess what, those were shit too. He’s a dreadful, unfunny human being who needs to go away.

    Fantastic Four looks like it’ll be pretty bad, but Man of Steel bottomed out how bad a superhero film can be for me, so I don’t think it’ll hit those depths. Plus, I hear The Thing doesn’t wear trousers in this one, which is VERY exciting.

    Fantastic Four

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