• This Or That (5/28/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Tom is on vacation this week. Filling in for The Big Dog will be @TJHawke411! Check out his website: FreeProWrestling.

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Which Kevin Owens match will be better?

    John Cena – 84%, Samoa Joe – 16%

    More exciting Steve Austin podcast guest?

    Undertaker – 91%, Hulk Hogan – 9%

    Which tournament will be better?

    Chikara King of Trios – 51%, PWG DDT4 – 49%

    Better form of comedy?

    Stand up – 70%, Improv – 30%

    More likely to win his title shot at Elimination Chamber: Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens?

    Which upset is more likely?



    I doubt either one will win but I actually think they’d be more likely to put Cena’s belt on Owens than the world title on Ambrose. Not saying that’s what needs to happen because Cena is doing wonders with the US Championship but I wouldn’t be able to do anything but love it if it did. They treat Ambrose so strange. The audience loves him when he is in the spotlight but WWE never really commits to him. At least Rollins doesn’t need to lose the strap yet.

    Kevin Owens


    This is more of an instinctual answer for me. I can easily visualize Kevin Owens defeating John Cena and holding both the NXT and United States championships in his hands. I can not picture Dean Ambrose being the WWE World Champion. I just can’t form the mental image.

    The John Cena Challenge and recent appearances and call-ups of NXT stars has me honestly believing there’s a NXT “invasion” story coming sooner or later. WWE likes to set up a big yearly Summer storyline around this time. Maybe it’s Owens leading an NXT invasion vs. John Cena.

    Kevin Owens


    Neither option seems especially likely, as WWE seems more committed than ever to keeping to long-term plans for their world champion. It just does not seem possible that Ambrose factors in to those plans in any way. With that being said, Kevin Owens is clearly going to be the NXT Champion until at least the next live special, and I’m not sure winning the US Championship helps him in any way because he’ll probably have to lose it someone sooner rather than later. Thus, I predict neither match sees a title change on Sunday!

    Oh, I have to pick one? I’ll go with Ambrose, as there is always a chance he wins the title and drops it back to Rollins within a week or two on Raw.

    Dean Ambrose

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    Who will make you cringe more on Tough Enough: Hulk Hogan or Chris Jericho?

    Embarrassing dads.



    I get a good laugh out of Hogan. He’s such a caricature of his real self at this point. Chris Jericho doesn’t even make me laugh. He’s pathetic and is an immediate turn-off whenever he is involved in something. Give me The Hulkster making up grand tales and stumbling over his words with mad confidence over Jericho any day. Jericho is going to be so ridiculous on this show. You know it. I know it. Even Yellow Dog knows it.

    Chris Jericho


    My site-mates are 100% correct in giving Hulkster a break BUT I think things will work against him. Chris Jericho is shrewd and intelligent enough to carry himself well on a hosting platform like Tough Enough. Awkward singing and drunk tweeting won’t hurt him here.  Jericho does have a filter when it comes down to business. Hulk Hogan has never had a filter and if this show is truly live, there will be at least embarrassing comment made by Hulkster.

    Hulk Hogan


    Hogan is like your grandpa who hasn’t been cool in twenty years, but he’s your grandpa so you forgive him (or at least don’t expect him to change). Jericho is your uncle that hangs out with the younger generation at all your family events because he doesn’t know it’s time to move on and hang with his fellow old people in the rooms that aren’t too loud. Jericho in a landslide.

    Chris Jericho

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    Better wrestler: Sheamus or Wade Barrett?

    Who you got?



    Sheamus can have good matches. Barrett can have good matches. Barrett is handed bad gimmicks and does his best to make them work. Sheamus, no matter what they are trying to achieve with his character, just plays an asshole. Heel or face, the man is a jerk. He always plays a middle-of-the-road elementary bully. I find myself not really ever being drawn into his stuff for the most part. I think Barrett could have always been something big if he was booked correctly. Sheamus bores me.

    Wade Barrett


    I go back and forth with this every year. I’ll just say that Sheamus as a face is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch wrestle. As much as I respect his commitment when turning heel, I tend to lose interest and stop paying to his matches when working in villain mode. That being, Sheamus has had many standout great wrestling matches in his WWE career. I’ve become a fan of Barrett over the last year or two but zero standout matches come to mind when I think of him.



    Their professional wrestling careers are so similar. They both managed to escape the UK scene and get signed to developmental. Both seem to have actually been DEVELOPED well within the WWE system. They both debuted on the main roster (ie: Raw) and made an impact within a month (Sheamus won the WWE title in his first PPV match, and Wade obviously did the Nexus thing). Ever since their initial main event pushes, they’ve mostly been relegated to start-and-stop pushes in the midcard or upper midcard. They’ve both missed significant time due to injury. They’re both probably never getting another legitimate shot to be main eventers, and they both work an in-ring style that is not really conducive to lengthy careers.

    As similar as they are to each other, Sheamus is so obviously better that I probably could have saved you all time and not written the previous paragraph. Barrett is almost definitely the better talker, but he’s not one of the best talkers of his era. Sheamus meanwhile is one of the best in-ring workers of the the last five years and has arguably been the very best wrestler in the world for different stretches in that time. He has good matches with almost everyone, and he’s capable of great matches with the right opponents. I will truly miss watching him when he’s forced to retire due to his body breaking down.


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    If forced to watch one, which would you choose: Entourage The Movie Or Ted 2?

    Damn you, Mark Wahlberg!



    Oh, dear. I have to go Entourage here because I saw the first Ted and it was one of the worst comedy films I have ever seen. Can you even imagine what the sequel is like? I don’t want to. Please don’t make me watch either of these. Please…. no.

    Entourage The Movie 


    I must admit something with great shame to give a proper answer – I used to be an Entourage fan. I watched the first few seasons of the show and thought it was great. I was a different person in my high school years before I discovered myself. Please forgive me.

    With my shameful Entourage past, I can’t watch anything Entourage related without feeling the regret of my time watching teh broz. I’d rather be offended at Ted 2 than remember a dark time period in my life. Bless.

    (At least we all know how much of a scumbag Mark Wahlberg is now! Didn’t he do Transformers 7 too?)

    Ted 2


    Wow, this is a brutal decision. I would hazard a guess that Ted 2 has more laughs (considering the Entourage movie is almost guaranteed to have zero laughs), but the one trailer I’ve seen for the latest Seth MacFarlane assault on the world contained a horrific transphobic sequence that has convinced me that there is no need to ever watch that film.  Entourage wins by default which is the only way Entourage ever wins.

    Entourage The Movie

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