• This Or That (4/1/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    More valuable to Wrestlemania history?

    Shawn Michaels – 62%, Undertaker – 38%

    Better Wrestlemania event?

    Wrestlemania 17 – 67%, Wrestlemania 19 – 33%

    Worse Wrestlemania main event?

    Randy Orton vs. Triple H – 60%, John Cena vs. The Miz – 40%

    Better Wrestlemania celebrity involvement?

    Mike Tyson – 57%, Floyd Mayweather – 43%

    Will Seth Rollins still be WWE champion in September: Yes or No?

    Will Rollins get past Summerslam as champ?



    I think Rollins will lose the belt before or at Summerslam. I’m pretty sure they’re still going all in on Reigns and that is most likely not going to change, unfortunately. It seems like they are aiming for Lesnar vs Rollins first which would probably happen at Summerslam. I could also see Reigns taking it before Summerslam. There’s just a lot working against Rollins here but maybe he’ll get a good run out of it.



    After watching RAW, it seems like writing Brock Lesnar off of television means he will be gone until Summerslam. Why have him wrestle on Payback or MITB? The match the story told was that Brock will come back for Seth Rollins and get his rematch when he returns from suspension. This tells me Rollins vs. Lesnar is at Summerslam.

    The question comes down to who I think wins that match and I do not think they will go back to Lesnar being a part time champion from Summerslam until Wrestlemania again in back to back years. I have Rollins going into at least September as champ.



    I don’t see it happening. Summerslam seems to have become a traditional reset point and, even though I think Rollins has been amazing, they seem to be painting him as the cowardly chickenshit champion and I don’t think they’ll have the patience to run with that for too long, especially since I get the feeling that old Vince Jr. is still aching to have the belt on Reigns sooner rather than later.


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    Cooler Wrestlemania entrance: Triple H or Rusev?

    Which entrance was more impressive?



    Triple H’s entrance gave me one of the biggest wrestling-related laughs I’ve ever had. From the point where they raised him and the other Terminators into the air I was rolling. The “scanning for target” sequence, Arnold’s red eyes, and the 90’s transition effect only added to the laughter. THEY BROUGHT HIM TERMINATOR HEADS TO POSE WITH FOR LESS THAN A MINUTE AND THEN HE THREW THEM DOWN. The best part? It really fit in with Triple H’s arrogant character. I really felt like it expanded on the Triple H personality. It was so full of itself and unaware. We laughed but he thought it was bad ass. On top of that it was a marketing deal. PERFECTION. It also fit into the fever dream that was Sting vs Triple H. Rusev’s was cool. I usually prefer more serious stuff done right than corny goofy stuff in wrestling but the Triple H entrance was unique in that it really fit while being incredibly stupid.

    Triple H


    Rusev’s was cool because of the tank but Triple H’s was more enjoyable. It was a perfect mix of coolness (robots) and cheesiness (everything else) plus it had Arnold Schwarzenegger being an old man. This is what I want from a Wrestlemania entrance.

    Also, the King of Kings had NXT guys dress as his soldiers and gives us the gift of NXT on a weekly basis. #ThankYouHunter

    Triple H


    Triple H’s Terminator entrance was one of the funniest wrestling things I’ve seen for a while, especially when you put it in comparison to how dull Sting’s was. If he was a Terminator, why was he holding up all those Terminator skulls? Is he a good Terminator and they’re bad Terminators? WHAT? The Arnie cameo too, just fantastic. Wrestling interpretations of pop culture are always incredible, and this was no exception.

    Rusev’s though… Rusev’s was perfect. The Russian national anthem is an incredible piece of music and the tank and soldiers and everything were all fantastic. You could argue that it was less creative than the madness of Triple H’s because it was mostly just a bombastic version of Ivan Drago’s from Rocky IV, but they really did take Rusev’s gimmick about as far as you could go, short of having a shirtless Putin accompany him on horseback.


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    Who will be more successful on the main roster: Neville or Kalisto?

    Which of the NXT call-ups will do better?



    WWE has never handled the “high-flyer” that well. They’re usually cursed with a random month of “look at this!!!” and then sporadic appearances here and there for the rest of the time. WWE has wanted a new masked guy for a while and there’s no one better than Kalisto for this. I think they’ll try harder with him but I really hope they both make it. Neville is really entertaining to watch and deserves more than the typical booking they would give someone like him. Both can wow a crowd at the drop of a hat. Also, can we get Zayn vs Kalisto sometime soon… somehow? Thanks.



    Based off what I’ve seen, I think Kalisto is a much better bet. The guy looked like a superstar on RAW. Neville looked good but Kalisto just left more of an impact with the LUCHA LUCHA chants that could easily catch on. There’s also the factor of his mask and WWE needing someone to fill the void left in the marketplace without Rey Mysterio.

    If I were to predict, I’d say Neville follows suit of Bo Dallas and Adam Rose as a guy who is on television every other week with uncertainty while Kalisto has a long term spot on the roster like a Kofi Kingston or Cody Rhodes.



    Looking at it cynically, they have a Rey Mysterio shaped hole on the roster right now that Kalisto would handily fill. I think Neville is amazing and capable of better matches right now, but he just doesn’t have the fortune of having a similar guy come before him to set any kind of precedence – WWE has a broad idea of what to do with a masked high-flyer, whereas Adrian Neville is something a little different. Aesthetically, Neville is also kind of a harder sell – he’s in amazing shape, but the height difference between him and Curtis Axel was a little jarring, in a way that I’ve not noticed in any of his NXT matches.

    That’s not to discredit how talented Kalisto is though! He really is pretty great, he’s just also lucky in certain ways that Neville isn’t. Hopefully both guys do well and get a chance to shine.


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    Better potato chip style: Traditional or Ripple Cut?

    We eat poorly. Question was submitted by @AnimeKing420.



    I love ripple-cuts because I love eating the most uncomfortable things. Oh wait, no. No I do not love them. They are bad. Give me a thin and sleek chip if I’m going to have to eat some. Don’t overcomplicate the chip. What the hell are you doing?



    Seriously? I won’t even dignify this with an explanation. Fuck ripple-cut chips.



    To dismiss ripple-cut crisps so quickly is disgusting. I understand having a preference for traditional crisps – they’re satisfying, they’re reliable, you know what you’re getting. HOWEVER, my favourite kind of crisp will always be Flame Grilled Steak Real McCoy’s, a proud British snackfood that will NEVER be surpassed by American trash.


    Unlike American ripple-cut “chips”, Real McCoy’s are properly chunky and delicious, and they don’t have that weird aftertaste that ripple-cut chips do here.


    Real McCoy’s are my favourite. Real McCoy’s are my choice. Real McCoy’s are LIFE.


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