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    Dirt Sheet History: October 2006

    Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

    Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at September 2006, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from October of 2006. Kurt Angle rants on WWE, Scott Steiner rants on Triple H, Sting needs help from ICP fans and so much more!

    Reminder that you can find all past editions of Dirt Sheet History looking at scoops from 2004 and to current timeline 2006 right here at this very link. Now enjoy October 2006.



    * Kurt Angle will make his official debut with TNA next week at the TNA Impact taping in Orlando, Florida. He will also be present at the Bound For Glory fan weekend and appear in the main event for Bound For Glory as the enforcer for the Sting vs Jeff Jarrett match.


    * Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was recently denied access to Club Hyde – the same place that wouldn’t let actress Tara Reid in a few weeks ago.


    * There is an audio commentary on Scott Steiner‘s official website regarding a recent TNA PPV match with Samoa Joe, not to mention his prior matches with Triple H. Steiner really shoots hard on Triple H in the audio commentary as in one instance he said, “If it wasn’t for him banging the boss’s daughter he wouldn’t have a f****** job.” Steiner also called Triple H the “Kevin Federline of professional wrestling.” He also discusses his infamous Royal Rumble match back in 2003 with Triple H. He said it takes two people to have a bad match, not one. Steiner also said that Triple H, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels aren’t real athletes like him as they didn’t really play sports in high school.


    * A number of wrestlers were offended that they weren’t let in on TNA’s big PPV surprise, but once the secret was revealed on the video screen, they got over it pretty quickly and were excited about the potential, although some had mixed feelings due to their concern over Kurt Angle‘s health. “Most of us assumed it was a timeslot change,” says one TNA wrestler. “So we weren’t all that concerned during the show, figuring it wouldn’t change our lives much. We were as surprised as anyone when that video aired.”

    A move to Monday nights may or may not be in the cards, although several top TNA officials believe that would be the key to generating the buzz necessary to reach the largest potential fanbase.


    * A few TNA wrestlers dressed in Halloween costumes to film a TV commercial for Lifeway Foods. James Storm was dressed as a grape, Eric Young as a banana, Chase Stevens as the Grim Reaper and Andy Douglas played a conceited guy. The commercial was filmed on Tuesday night at Freddie’s Auction House (where indie wrestling shows take place) near Nashville. They also wrestled in the costumes in front of about 60 fans.


    * The general feeling is that Jim Cornette won’t stay around in TNA much longer if Vince Russo stays. At first, he said he would stay out of loyalty to Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel, but by the time he got to Orlando for the PPV/Impact tapings two weeks ago, his mood turned for the worse during the car ride. He said he was quitting, but TNA told him that he couldn’t quit. He eventually cooled off and for now, it looks like he’ll be staying in TNA, but with a few stipulations; Russo can’t talk to him, he can’t have anything to do with his segments, and Russo can’t be in the same room with him at any time. TNA agreed to this, but many feel its unworkable.

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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Throw confetti and blow up some balloons. Let’s name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    Good day to all of you lovely ladies and men. I am extremely gleeful because of the great love and care you all have shown by unanimously voting for someone whose birthday is today! You gave this ex-wrestler the greatest gift of all: The right to call himself The Sexy Wrestler of The Week on his birthday!

    “The Birthday Boy” Billy Kidman is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week! Be sure to wish this cruiser weight icon a happy birthday on Twitter: @WWEKidman. He loves fan interaction and I’m sure it will warm his heart if we all shower him with birthday greetings.

    This Or That: Early Summerslam Thoughts (7/29/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Better bad-ass tag team?

    The Road Warriors – 57%, The Steiner Brothers – 43%

    Better Attitude Era tag team?

    Edge and Christian – 66%, The Hardy Boyz – 34%

    Better high flying tag team?

    The Young Bucks – 70%, Motor City Machine Guns – 30%

    Better sitcom soulmates?

    Troy and Abed from Community – 63%, Jim and Pam from The Office – 37%

    Which Summerslam upper card match are you looking forward to more: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena or Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose?

    Two feuds! One choice! YOU DECIDE!



    Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins is going to be great, I’m sure. I am looking forward to it a good deal. Lesnar vs Cena should be a spectacle. The first match between the two is one of my favorite matches in WWE history. It was the one time I ever felt like Cena really did “overcome the odds” properly without ever taking me out of the moment. I am expecting a classic here with a great atmosphere.

    Brock Lesnar vs John Cena


    I know it’s a guarantee that Rollins vs. Ambrose will deliver when it happens on PPV so that’s a safe bet where as Cena vs. Lesnar can be hit or miss. I’m still taking the WWE Championship match because their match at Extreme Rules 2012 was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Brock is the most credible guy in pro wrestling and Cena is the face of WWE so we’re gonna get that “big fight feel” WWE strives for and could get something very special. On the other side, we’ve seen many great “workrate” matches this year and Rollins/Ambrose will be among those as excellent matches but maybe not as special or memorable years from now.

    Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena


    Man, I’m surprised that it’s a clean sweep in our picks here but I’m going to have to go for Brock/Cena too. My anticipation for Rollins/Ambrose hurts from them not having a preceding PPV match – this is clearly a feud that’s going to burn out for a while longer so I’m expecting some sort of a fuck finish to keep things rolling along.

    Meanwhile, Brock and Cena’s first match together was maybe my favourite WWE match from the last five years and I’m fascinated to see how their rematch goes and if they can capture lightning in a bottle again. I’m expecting that they’ll add some kind of no DQ stip to it because Brock’s always at his most fun when he’s out of control.

    Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

    [yop_poll id=”48″]

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    ScoopZone Elite: July 28, 2014

    We’ve consulted our inside sources to bring you the best and most EXCLUSIVE dirt on your favorite wrestling promotions from around the world. Unlike other sites, we’ll only bring you 100% accurate and truthful wrestling news every week. We’re still working on our paywall, so please only read these stories if you’re an elite member.


    News for The Week of July 28, 2014


    • WWE creative is playing with the idea of turning Daniel Bryan‘s home burglary into a storyline. The idea would be that Triple H and Stephanie sent the burglars to Bryan’s home to steal all of Brie‘s gold jewelry so Triple H could melt it down to make a new mask and crown for his entrance at Wrestlemania 31.


    • Sin Cara debuted his new entrance gear, a vest with a hood, at a live event this past weekend. We can neither confirm or deny that a certain champion from a Japanese promotion was working under the mask at this time.


    • The false reports of WWE stopping Cesaro‘s popular Giant Swing move was just a rib on Jim Ross.




    • Dave Lagana is frantically emailing David Schwimmer about working on a new project together.


    • Taz and Vince Russo are NOT friends anymore and they do NOT want to talk about it.


    • For some reason all of our usual inside sources from TNA wouldn’t tell us anything of importance this week but it should be noted that they kept asking if we knew anyone that was hiring

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    Full recap of the TNA/Spike TV news RIGHT HERE


    • ROH Booker Hunter Johnston has told many people on the ROH roster that he doesn’t want them to contact ROH officials and that anything that needs to be addressed should go directly through him. Many are upset because he is hard to reach and they have no one to talk to. When asked about this subject various ROH roster members say “he’s delirious” and other really lame jokes that are similar to that.


    • Jeff Jarrett is pleased as punch right now.


    • Jim Ross’ constant podcast whining about indie wrestling has actually been guerrilla marketing for his new book of business tips titled ‘Slow Down and Sell More’.


    • Lance Storm eats hot dogs in hamburger buns and eats hamburgers in hot dog buns.

    Seven Things: 7 Favorite WCW Nitro Memories

    Welcome to Seven Things, a list that consists of very eclectic topics. These are of my opinions and doesn’t express the views of others on WrestlingOnEarth.

    With the WWE Network featuring recent specials on the Monday Night Wars and the best of WCW Nitro, it led me to ponder on how much I enjoyed that show growing up. We all know the great talents and the variety of characters that WCW thrived on to take over the wrestling world in 1996 and 1997.

    Some things are interesting to reflect on as memories are altered when you obtain knowledge and it can change your perception of them. That will be showcased here as I’m listing my favorite memories based strictly off how much I enjoyed them as a kid watching it as it happened in real time during the height of the Monday Night Wars.

    Reminder: If you have any suggestions for future lists, feel free to share them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter: @JoeySplashwater

    7. Goldberg wins the WCW Championship

    During the Summer of 1998, wrestling was at its hottest. The Steve Austin era in WWE was on fire along with the ascension of Degeneration X and The Rock. WCW, still putting out great numbers, was starting to lose steam due to an inability to create new stars but one guy was given “the ball” on this night and it was Goldberg.

    Even as a 9 year old, I was able to form concepts of logic in pro wrestling and usually a title match on television with little to no advertising would mean the chances of a championship changing hands were little to none. I was already dreading the run-in DQ finish that was typical for the nWo matches on Nitro but on this night, it didn’t happen. Goldberg won the title off of Hogan via a Jackhammer and the arena exploded with cheers as did my living room.

    6. Sting joins the NWO Wolfpack

    Remember when I said you look at things differently once you get introduced to knowledge and common sense? Well, this is one of those instances. When the NWO split in half, Sting joined the Wolfpack, a group of popular NWO faces wanting to get away from Hulk Hogan. As a kid, I ate this up. The coolest wrestler at the time in WCW, Stinger, joined the faction of nearly equally cool guys like Kevin Nash, Randy Savage and Konnan. Yes, I somehow thought Konnan was cool at the time. Color me shamed.

    Looking back, this was one of the most asinine decisions in wrestling history and showed the problems WCW had. One of the greatest stories in WCW history was Sting standing alone after the NWO took over HIS company and turned his friends and fans against him. Sting then rallied to be the one guy who could stand up against them and became the hero the fans needed. How can you kill that?

    By having him wear a NWO shirt a few months after he returns to the ring. Nash, Savage and Konnan all made his life hell and he joins them because a mutual friend in Lex Luger tells him they’re good guys now? I want to punch my 9 year old face for loving The Wolfpack so much at the time.

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    The Merch Table: PWTees Podcast Shirts Special

    Wrestling companies make merchandise. It’s usually pretty bad, but sometimes, it’s terrible. Welcome to The Merch Table.

    Every so often, @TomBlargh will look at some of the awful merch that someone expects you to buy. Up this time: PWTees Podcast Shirts Special.

    Pro Wrestling Tees is a cool concept for wrestlers to sell shirts to fans, but one thing I wasn’t aware of until recently is the Podcast and YouTube Shows section. I was kind of amazed at the number of shows who were selling stuff there, so I decided to do some investigative reporting and deduce:

    1) What kind of shirts are these guys selling anyway?

    2) Is anyone actually buying them?

    3) Should Wrestling On Earth jump on board the PWTees train and start making megabuck$$$?

    All very important questions, I’m sure you’ll agree. So, without further ado, LET’S GET STARTED.

    DaShawn’s 2 Cents

    Oh DaShawn. If you’re unfamiliar with DaShawn, he’s the fella responsible for this supreme slice of awkwardness featuring Joey Ryan, Brian Kendrick and Wrestling On Earth’s number one sweetheart, Paul London:

    Yeah, it’s… it’s pretty rough stuff. Does DaShawn have t-shirts? OF COURSE HE DOES! Let’s check them out.


    Of course, the classic DaShawn’s 2 Cents logo. The recognised symbol of excellence in sports entertainment podcasting.


    Oh, an ECW parody shirt! That’s always fun and original. Do you think we’ll see any more parody shirts from other podcasts? God, I hope so!


    I, uh… I don’t know what’s going on here. DaShawn, can you explain?

    Fair enough then.

    Is anyone actually buying them?

    I went straight to the source and asked DaShawn on Twitter. Here’s his response:

    ANSWER: Yeah, alright mate, whatever you say.

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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Let’s do this. Let’s name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week right now.

    Here’s your usual “The votes have been counted” bit. This week, things get pretty real. You have voted someone as Sey Wrestler of The Week, yet again. I had thought the fan base had sort of died out but his votes had a huge reemergence this week. Who is it? Well, it’s most likely the person you voted for, statistically speaking. Most votes were in their favor.

    So here it is…


    …AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaand there he is. Your Sexy Wrestler of The Week, Bo Dallas. In this picture he is telling Martin Mull (who is dressed as a scientist) about winning this prestigious award in front of one of the last known F.Y.E.’s. It’s a pretty rare photo but it is legit. Have a good week and never forget to vote. It is important.

    Things Lance Storm Dislikes

    Lance Storm is a Twitter enigma.

    Twitter allows us to get to know our favorite wrestlers on a more personal level. We get to see more than just their wrestling characters or athleticism as they beat each other up in their underwear. One of the interesting aspects is getting to see what the wrestlers you grew up watching likes or in this case dislikes. Enjoy as we learn more about Lance Storm and his interests as a person.

    Here are Things Lance Storm Dislikes:


    Yes, we have chapters.

    3 way matches

    4-6 minute matches

    Walk out finishes

    The term co-main event

    When pro wrestlers talk about putting on a good show

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    ScoopZone Elite: July 21, 2014

    We’ve consulted our inside sources to bring you the best and most EXCLUSIVE dirt on your favorite wrestling promotions from around the world. Unlike other sites, we’ll only bring you 100% accurate and truthful wrestling news every week. We’re still working on our paywall, so please only read these stories if you’re an elite member.


    News for The Week of July 21, 2014


    • WWE is going all out for the Summerslam set. Despite trying to cut costs they will be sticking glow-in-the-dark stars all over the Raw set for the big summer pay-per-view event.


    • WWE pity advertised Fozzy on Raw tonight due to Chris Jericho complaining that Flo Rida got to perform his “jamz” despite Jericho having a band free literally every Monday.


    • Zack Ryder genuinely believes his win over Fandango is going to result in a push.



    • With the amount of pictures showing low attendance at TNA events reaching an all-time high, TNA has ordered thousands of life-sized dolls to sit in the empty seats.


    • TNA wants Sanada to grow a neck beard and wear a cowboy hat.


    • Taz is angry about something or someone.

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    Your favorite wrestlers outside of the ring! Check them out HERE!


    • Vince Russo accidentally e-mailed one of the writers of this site the following: “Hey. Sorry, I was asleep. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow?”


    • Global Force Wrestling will be holding seminars soon. Wrestlers are encouraged to bring their acoustic guitars.


    • Lance Storm‘s favorite band is Fun..