• This Or That (4/29/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    More likely to succeed?

    Bo Dallas – 52%, Adam Rose– 48%

    Better WWE reality show?

    Total Divas – 71%, Legends’ House – 29%

    Who do you side with in their Twitter war?

    Kevin Nash – 55%, Roddy Piper – 45%

    Better season?

    Spring – 57%, Summer – 43%

    Which push are you looking forward to more: Cesaro or Bad News Barrett?

    Submitted by @WrestlingFanRJ, which rising star are you more excited about?



    I haven’t really cared for Wade Barrett since the very early parts of the Nexus. I don’t think he’s a bad wrestler or anything but I don’t think he’s ever been given a good gimmick and I just do not have any reason to look at him for my entertainment. I really can’t stand the Bad News thing and it’s made him look like an even bigger joke until the last few weeks where they’ve started pushing him. It seems to be working for a lot of people.

    Cesaro has made whatever is given to him work. He hasn’t had super horrible gimmicks (I don’t remember him yodeling. Show me videos and I still will not remember it). but still, he gets over by embracing what he’s given and being a beast in the ring. I am looking forward to the rise of Cesaro way more for a few reasons. He almost always has good matches. Nearly every match he participates in has at least one moment you will remember. He has a great mouthpiece in Paul Heyman.

    I think this is a sink or swim time for Barrett but I just don’t find myself to enthralled at this point no matter how hard I try to get into it. Cesaro keeps my attention and seems to be heading in a direction that will continue to keep me watching him with anticipating eyes. It’s not entirely Barrett’s fault that I don’t care but he does seem awfully “mid-card bland” no matter what position he is in. I will say I’ve thought about these two as a tag team before. I could definitely get behind that farther down the road.



    Most consider me to be a Wade Barrett hater and I’m definitely not a fan but even I have to admit the Bad News Barrett gimmick is taking off more than any of his MANY other pushes did. That being said, I’ve got some bad news for Bad News. Cesaro is better.

    Becoming one of the most exciting things in wrestling, I am excited to see what happens with Cesaro. Now with Paul Heyman being his manager, it adds even more interesting layers to his future. Even if it doesn’t work out as well as I hope, Cesaro is just more entertaining in the ring and as a personality so of course, my answer is Cesaro.



    As a European, it delights me to see two of my… well, not countrymen, so continentmen? That doesn’t sound right at all. Anyway, it’s fun to see these guys with wacky old accents featured in such a prominent role right now. I’ve never cared too much either way for old Wade Barrett, but I’ll admit to enjoying some of his recent segments. They do seem to have toned him down quite a bit since he’s started wrestling again though, so I just hope they don’t go too far and remove any trace elements of fun in an effort to make him come off as a Serious Competitor.

    Cesaro’s a favourite and I’m really excited to see how his path continues, but… well, he’s going to be okay regardless, y’know? He’s just REALLY good and no amount of Swagger tagging or yodeling is going to keep him down, whereas I think this might be old Barrett’s last chance. So, just for the sake of some variety, I’ll go with Bad News Barrett.

    Bad News Barrett

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    More likely to have a singles match at Wrestlemania 31: Rey Mysterio or Christian?

    Veteran superstars dealing with constant injuries, who has a better chance at having a singles match at Wrestlemania 31?



    I think this comes down to one factor and that is who is most important to WWE. It’s no secret that certain people in power don’t think too much of Christian and his “ugly face.” Rey Mysterio still has loads of fans, and rightfully so. I’m sure Mysterio merch still sells (I’ll always be a sucker for replica masks) and I’m sure his loyalty to the company compared to Christian’s goes a long way.

    I don’t feel like Christian gets what he deserves when it comes to how they book him and that is a shame. It’s also a shame how often Rey Mysterio gets injured considering all of the solid matches he could be having with the likes of Bryan, Cesaro, and the members of The Shield. That being said, I feel it is more likely we see Mysterio in a singles match at the next Wrestlemania than Christian. Christian just isn’t going anyplace in that company beyond multi-man jumbles nowadays it seems. He is definitely not a priority like Mysterio has been every time he returns.

    Rey Mysterio


    I have a huge soft spot in my heart for both of these guys as they are among my favorite wrestlers of all time so it’s more heartbreaking to see their bodies break down as their careers wind down. In terms of a singles match, it would mean WWE putting stock into someone to have a big spot at Wrestlemania.

    That means I have to go with Rey Rey. As much as I love Christian, WWE clearly doesn’t see him as more than a battle royal or multi-tag match type of performer when it comes to a show like Wrestlemania where single match spots are very limited. Rey is kind of in the same boat but has more respect in WWE as a bigger name and more marketability.

    Rey Mysterio


    It really has to be Rey. He’s a much bigger deal than Christian and there’s also the idea that he can have a match with whoever WWE’s next attempt at a new masked star and pass the torch, so to speak. I can’t really think of any obvious reason for Christian to have one last Wrestlemania singles match. He’s still great fun to watch, but there’s a pretty clear bias against him and it’s difficult to picture him being placed in any significant angles. Ideally, I’ll be proved wrong and both guys will get one last singles match on the big stage.

    Rey Mysterio

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    Who returns to have a match on WWE TV first: Evan Bourne or JTG?

    Do they still exist or was it all a dream?



    I want to go with Evan Bourne slightly because I’m still holding on to my DREAM TAG TEAM hopes of Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd taking over the world together in the fliest matching attires you’ve ever seen. Pyro. They need pyro for their entrance. And a stallion riding atop a jet for their logo. Or maybe a Pegasus?! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. FLYING HORSES GUYS. 2014 IS FOR FLYING HORSES.

    But yeah… maybe Evan Bourne will pop up in NXT soon but they haven’t really shown signs of him being active outside of that one live event he wrestled for NXT awhile back. JTG is at least cleared to wrestle and not openly on the weed cigarettes. He’s always there when they need a jobber. I’m sad about all of this.



    The butt of all Twitter jokes JTG is gonna do SOMETHING this year. That something will likely be jobbing to someone like a debuting Sami Zayn or Tyler Breeze and then never being seen again but it will be after Evan Bourne FINALLY returns.

    With the tag division improving, hopefully Kofi Kingston and Bourne reunite at some point in 2014 as Air Boom had so much potential. I’m rooting with my heart here. We need Air Boom vs. The Usos!

    Evan Bourne


    Honestly, if only because WWE seems to have chosen Barclays Center as their new NYC home, I’ll say JTG – they can have him come out as a ‘Brooklyn local’ to get squashed by Rusev or whoever and then he’ll go back into hibernation.

    I’d love to see Evan Bourne come back but the issues WWE have with him seem to run weirdly deep.


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    Better web browser: Firefox or Chrome?

    Which do you prefer?



    I have beef with both fire and foxes. I don’t like either and when you put them together you get a really… well, the truth is I just never downloaded Firefox onto my newest computer and just decided to switch to Chrome to spice my boring little life up. Don’t grow complacent by sticking to the same browser, people. That’s what makes and breaks a really cool person. Take it from me.



    I would pick Google Chrome but I don’t like slow speed, download errors and web page crashes! Seriously, Chrome can hit the bricks. It’s all about Firefox. Easier add-ons, simpler web history, faster speed, more convenient bookmarks, sexy ass logo! Firefox 4 life.



    Fuck Firefox. What is this, 2005? As frustrating and terrifying as the all-powerful Google can be, Chrome is still my preferred browser.


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    3 thoughts on “This Or That (4/29/2014)

    1. Frank Rodriguez

      I don’t get how Rey Rey isn’t treated as a legend–I mean like Y2J level. Just tell the fans it’s so and you can ride that wave. The guy had one really good match with Del Rio on one leg. I would like to see a retirement angle or something for WM XXXI.

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    3. themosayat


      also, I’m choosing Bad-News Barret for this, and I wouldn’t have thought in hell I’d do that like just a few weeks ago. it’s weird how much more I like him now that he’s allowed to wrestle again, while cesaro is stuck with the likes of RVD or something…

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