• TNA Sacrifice 2014 Preview and Predictions

    I swear to God there is a TNA PPV this weekend.


    Only @JoeySplashwater is here for this TNA Sacrifice preview as I wasn’t aware there was a PPV until yesterday and didn’t feel the need to bother Tim-Tom for a show this insignificant on such short notice so here goes my best attempt.

    I will not be watching the show due to going head to head with NBA playoffs but perhaps I’ll catch a replay. Either way, here are my thoughts on the event.

    Eric Young vs. Magnus for the TNA World Title


    I like Eric Young a lot and always felt TNA did him wrong as he’s gotten over on numerous occasions in different spots, always finding a way to entertain. The fact that he’s champ and it feels lame as can be says all you need to know with TNA blatantly copying the Daniel Bryan path. Sucks for EY but hopefully he gets a decent title reign.

    Sadly, I don’t see the reign continuing. TNA has a weird track record of having “feel good” moments of surprise title wins like Rhino and James Storm only to have them drop the belt weeks later. I’ve watched some recent YouTube TNA uploads of IMPACT segments and it seems they’re teasing Abyss turning on Magnus. TNA also has a love for pointless swerves. Abyss helps Magnus win here.

    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Magnus wins.

    The Bro Mans and DJ Zema vs. The Wolves for the TNA Tag Titles


    Actually am very interested in this one. The Bro Mans and DJ Zema are the most underrated act in wrestling. I kind of hope they retain but doubt it as The Wolves are prime to get a long run with the belts soon. The match should be very fun.

    Interest Level: 8/10
    Prediction: The Wolves win.

    Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode in a Tables Match


    This should be fine, I guess. I still adore Roode but obviously Bully is winning. If I were to predict, I’d assume Bully Ray vs. Magnus is the main event at Slammiversary.

    Interest Level: 6/10
    Prediction: Bully Ray wins.

    James Storm vs. Gunner in an I Quit Match


    Their feud has been surprisingly impressive and there’s a chance they could steal/save the show. It’s just hard to be excited for anything in TNA and not expect the worst case scenario these days.

    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Gunner wins.

    Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts Title


    No Gail Kim, no peace.

    Interest Level: 2/10
    Prediction: Angelina Love wins.

    Kurt Angle and Willow vs. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud


    Rockstar Spud is the best thing going in TNA today. I highly recommend everyone find as much recent Spin Cycle YouTube videos as possible to see the greatest of Spud and EC3.

    Interest Level: 6/10
    Prediction: Kurt Angle and Willow win.

    Sanada vs. Tigre Uno for the X Division Title


    Sanada has looked awesome from what I’ve seen so one would hope they continue his title reign.

    Interest Level: 7/10
    Prediction: Sanada wins.

    Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw in a Committed Match


    This could very well go down as the worst feud in professional wrestling history. Smell the lasagna.

    Interest Level: UNREAL/10
    Prediction: #iwantwrestling

    4 thoughts on “TNA Sacrifice 2014 Preview and Predictions

      1. themosayat

        Eric Young MUST win. Been too goddamn long since TNA has had a strong, long-lasting face as world champion.

        AJ Styles’ reign is only listed at 9 days before the title was considered vacant, plus he rarely appeared on IMPACT. Sabin before him held the title for a hot second before losing it in his first defense. Hardy’s reign was terribly uneventful except the night he lost the title. Aries before that only had one real feud as a face champion, etc. etc. and now we’re tracing back to 2011 when Sting was champion.

        Losing the title could be what’s best for Magnus. He can gain an edge, get dangerous and all that – no more relying of others to do his work for him. Meanwhile, EY continues about his business as the much-needed face World Champion TNA needs.

        I can’t describe how happy I was at EY’s winning moment with something more than “the happiest I’ve felt since TNA signed EC3, or since Aries won the world title!”… and so, if he loses it this Sunday, rendering this short title reign nothing more a “cheap ripoff”, a “sad try at attracting viewers” and simply a “mistake”, especially now after my favourite wrestler of all time Christopher Daniels was let go, it’ll pile up saddness over me that even the best thing that TNA has done in months (which is that adorable and hilarious episode of spin cycle: In Yo Face!) wouldn’t be able to redeem it…

        But “Magnus will regain the title because TNA hates us sometime” is what’s written in big letters on the back of my mind and will appear on my screen flashing in front of my eyes all match long. Personally, I wish for Joe to interefere and cost the match on both. Mostly because it’ll assure EY staying champion, but also because it could lead to EY vs Joe again (which I enjoyed greatly the first time!) and might even develop into Joe TURNING HEEL AND BECOMING A MONSTER AGAIN FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!

    1. themosayat

      “If I were to predict, I’d assume Bully Ray vs. Magnus is the main event at Slammiversary.”

      oh, god, that’d be as bad as the Roode vs Eric Young match I’m wishing for could be good.

      “Their feud has been surprisingly impressive and there’s a chance they could steal/save the show. It’s just hard to be excited for anything in TNA and not expect the worst case scenario these days.”

      doesn’t this sum up most of anything TNA-related since Hogan lift, pretty much?

      ok, everything except for Shaw/Anderson’s feud. BURN IT WITH FIRE.

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