• This Or That (4/21/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    More likely to eventually end Daniel Bryan’s title reign?

    Brock Lesnar – 65%, John Cena – 35%

    Better WWE era premise?

    The Reality Era – 75%, The Attitude Era – 25%

    Cooler mask?

    Wyatt Family sheep mask – 64%, The Shield’s new entrance mask – 36%

    Bigger disgrace?

    Wrestling’s GreenLanternFan – 60%, The Green Lantern movie – 40%

    More likely to succeed: Adam Rose or Bo Dallas?

    Which NXT call-up and former Sexy Wrestler of the Week has a better chance?



    I don’t see either going anywhere. I think Adam Rose will have a fan base for a short few months only to live in Fandango territory. Bo will have a little longer longevity because there is more to get out of his gimmick but once they try moving him away from it or changing it at all from it’s NXT formula Bo will sink. It is the only thing that can work for him and eventually it will get tired and they’ll change it. I don’t see Bo being tolerable in any other form.

    I think they could eventually reinvent Rose and it work for him. Moreso than reinventing Bo Dallas would work, anyway. I think WWE showing a video package of their NXT days kind of explaining the characters would help a lot. It definitely would have with Emma.

    Adam Rose


    In almost any other era of wrestling, I think both gimmicks would fail hard but things are different now. I say it lovingly but the fan base is consisting of a more smark fan base of hipster types. The Wyatt Family has become a phenomenon with a gimmick that many were skeptical of and I can see both happening here.

    That being said, I’m going with Adam Rose. His party gimmick is more universal and easy to understand. The delusional Bo Dallas BOLIEVE gimmick started due to the fans at NXT organically beginning to get sick of him. I think it could work out but it will be more difficult to get it across properly. Rose will get over and he has a bonus in that Triple H seemingly loves his upside.

    Adam Rose


    Very tough to say! Neither guy seems to have any obvious longevity with their current gimmicks, especially given how similarly extravagant characters who’ve been bumped up form NXT in recent years (like Fandango and Sandow) have since been toned down and/or shunted to the side for the most part.

    Honestly, Bo’s saving grace might be his status as the brother of Bray Wyatt and the fact that we’re currently in the midst of the sensational REALITY ERA. His motivational speaker shtick might not last, but just wait until they start blurring the lines of reality and fiction to make him the Kane to Bray’s ‘Taker! THEY COULD EVEN BRING IN IRS AS THE PAUL BEARER FIGURE, IT ALL WORKS.

    Bo Dallas

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    Better WWE reality show: Total Divas or Legends House?

    E! Network’s show about the divas or WWE Network’s show about the legends?



    I was kind of looking forward to Legends’ House until I actually saw a preview of it. The first episode is so full of embarrassing-to-watch-around-other-people moments that I can’t fathom saying this show is better than anything. It was boring and it literally ended with Roddy Piper dealing with his sobriety, escaping into the night, and… howling at the moon.

    Total Divas is trash TV. It is very obviously staged at times but there are small redeeming qualities to it here and there. I’ve been guilty of watching just to see Daniel Bryan react to whatever is happening around him. So with that I am going to say Total Divas.

    Total Divas


    After watching Legends’ House, I was severely underwhelmed. I found it to be quite boring and uneventful but I also dislike Total Divas due to the clear script in play for each episode. I guess it comes to down which I would prefer – a scripted show with inane writing or a less scripted show with more boring things happening.

    I’m taking Total Divas. It’s complete garbage TV but that’s what the culture of entertainment is in a nutshell in 2014 so it has a brighter spark. Plus, the tiebreaker goes to Daniel Bryan appearing in Total Divas.

    Total Divas


    Legends’ House was fucking SHITE. Boring and hokey as fuck, and I just felt sad for most of the people involved.

    Meanwhile, while I was initially fairly dismissive of Total Divas… man, it really has its moments! Trinity and That Uso She’s Married To are pretty terrific, Daniel Bryan is never not adorable and I’m mostly very delighted by the crassness of Nikki Bella. Sure, it’s all rubbish but it’s fun rubbish in short bursts.

    Total Divas

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    Who do you side with in their Twitter war: Kevin Nash or Roddy Piper?

    Kevin Nash has been going at Piper on Twitter regarding an old WCW backstage fight story. Who do you side with and why?



    I had to search for this because I have been blocked by Kevin Nash for awhile now on Twitter and had no clue this had happened. I thought we were friends, Nash! That being said, I tend to want to believe Kevin Nash here. I think Roddy Piper has always embellished the truth when he tells stories. Not to say Nash doesn’t because he definitely does but I have read about this story before and what I remember of it matches up with what Nash says. Hell, I could be wrong here though for assuming things.

    Kevin Nash


    I’m 100% sure Kevin Nash is telling the truth as I’ve heard this story told a few times in the past on shoot interviews and each time, it was the exact same story. Nash was pissed at Piper for doing something to him in a match and slapped him around. Piper tried to sweep the leg of Nash but was unable to get anything in before walking away. Ric Flair was there and didn’t do anything to help Piper despite being best buds and hating the NWO. Then again, this story was told via Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman so who knows?

    I sympathize with Roddy trying to embellish a story in his favor LIKE LITERALLY EVERY WRESTLER OVER THE AGE OF 50 DOES! It just sucks for him that he got called out on it but at the end of the day, I have to side with what I believe to be the honest party and that is Kevin Nash. Just stop picking on Pipes… he’s older!

    Kevin Nash


    My main man Rowdy Roddy P’s getting a rough ride this week, eh? Yeah, he’s in the wrong, though I think Big Sexy should have maybe eased up on the old red wine before going on his Twitter rant. Roddy seems like mostly a pretty nice guy AND he’s just an old man!

    Basically, even while I believe Kev’s account of the story, I think he should ease up on Roddy. Anyone who seriously believed that he took down Nash is a lunatic, so let grandpa enjoy his mixed-up memories.

    Roddy Piper

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    Better season: Spring or Summer?

    Which season do you enjoy more?



    Big fan of Summer here. Spring is too crazy for me weather-wise. It messes with my allergies and I never want to experience another. I love hot weather. I had rather be super hot than be even the slightest bit cold. I also like to wear shorts. Living where I live, during Spring you can never safely wear shorts because the weather changes so fast and I will not resort to the zip-off pants/shorts travesty that once had a stronghold over many a leg.



    Easily has to be the Spring. The inconsistent weather is a pain and the rain can be a bit much for some but I love rainy days. Other factors in play are that TV series are hitting their home stretch in the Spring but not around in the Summer. I enjoy the NBA playoffs that occur in the Spring and it’s the perfect weather for clothing.

    Hoodies, cardigans, baseball style tees, all my favorite tops are made mostly for the Spring. The Summer is only second to Winter for worst month due to the horrible humidity as it’s sometimes unbearable to leave your house or stay in without a working air conditioner. I HATE SWEATING!



    FUCK SUMMER. I’ve had two summers in New York and they’ve both been miserable. I’m fed up sweating through t-shirts and spending loads on power bills just to keep the air-con flowing so the apartment’s somewhat tolerable.

    Meanwhile, Spring is the time for cool, sensible weather where you can wear jeans and a hoodie and not have to worry about being too hot or cold.


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